Naughty boy!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by white_rolos, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Oh Shame, shouldnt of broken into someones house should the thieving barsteward. The occupant will probably be taken to court for not having a Risk assessment for thieving CNUTS falling out your top floor window.

    Deserves everything he got as YOUR HOUSE IS YOUR CASTLE.
  2. jobs a good un
    any decent cps lawyer would lose the paperwork
    unfortunatly were not allowed to shove scumbags out of windows
  3. But if they get disorientated and accidently trip out the window when trying to escape its ok :twisted:
  4. I would have waited a good while before calling the Bill, just to help the cnut on his merry way to the big fella downstairs.
  5. It is ridiculous, they are only going to have a lying scum bag burglars word against the acused , if he survives, and what is going to take so long that the bloke will have this hanging over his head till November, they either have a case or thay don't. Once again some clown of a judge will sit in the safety of his court surrounded by police and decide what is reasonable force. Th etwot got what he deserved.
  6. I don't care if he pushed him, the burgaler should be charged for the ambulance and the cost of his treatment, as well as for the damage done to the property, I would have bimbled down stairs to his aid at the speed of a striking slug, then remembered the phone gone back up stairs to fetch it, pausing to find the yellow pages to check the number for the police had'nt changed, phoned the local priest, vicar, rabbi and imman and ask them how each faith would help guide me through this then phone Police (after a brew and midnight snack, checking my Emails, visit arrse)and let them decide if he needed treatment when they arrive. Perhap write my statement first before phoning to save the officer the bother when he arrives, spending ten minutes looking some MG11's know theres some here somewhere.
  7. "Would Sir care for a spot of tea while he rifles through the rest of the house? My wife made an excellent battenburg this morning, I'll fetch you a slice. Oh no, that's the costume jewelry, the real stuff is under the bed. I'll let you show yourself out. Good evening."
  8. If any one has Mr Walsh's contact details, he may like to know about a certain Mr Nally from the West of Ireland.

    Mr Nally has become a bit of a folk hero....Web Page Name
  9. we have juries here to decide what is reasonable force - the Judge merely directs them on the law
  10. If some retard wants to mess around in someone elses house then I'm sorry but if he falls out of a window its his own fault.

    The homeowner should have just gone back to bed and left it until the morning. "Oh look dear someone must have been in the house and fallen out of the window. Oh see how the back garden has a lifeless body in it, I wonder if it's connected at all?"
  11. Giving some one a push is reasonable force, personally I would have repeatedly tw@ted him with a lump hammer then buried him in the garden