Naughty boy!!!

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by kwacka1975, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Qualified as what, first class twat?
  2. I have dealt with a couple of these recently for my CO-one successful, one pending. Firstly you need to put a file together with a copy of your Regimental Conduct sheet, a filled out application form and your letter. the CO then appends a covering letter. See your adjutant for help.

    Your letter should set out EXACTLY what happened and any mitigating factors such as youth and any reparations you made. Bear in mind that if alcohol is mentioned anywhere in your charge then you are probably fooked as booze is a big indicator against.

    On both the cases I have dealt with the CO took a long hard look at the case to decide if he would recommend and one of them was very touch and go. So be prepared for the CO to decline and then the Medal Board to blow you out of the water.
  3. what's the big deal with getting your LS&GC, you were naughty a long time ago granted, but what difference does it make to you, I'm not having a go just genuinely interested....oh and by the way I've got mine never got caught :)
  4. See only you have proven yourself the recent twat...............with that particular comment...........Kwacka was a twat 15 years ago; now go earn your Cadet Forces Sniping badge.
  5. No friends no personality.............managed to get mine in a second army!! Got in before friends and before my personality!!
  6. just seems to me that people put such a big emphasis on getting the medal, yes it's another medal but i personally don't think it means as much as an operational medal.
  7. No medal then?
  8. Just athought, but if you qualified a few years ago then you have completed 15 years Colour Service without a Regt entry!(after your 18 year old events).

    So should apply with your last 15 years not your first 15 years.
  9. Correct worked for me...criteria is 15 years, not Mr Beans twin brother.
  10. I've got 5 but that doesn't matter, what i mean is you actually earn your tour medals, where as this is issued automatically by JPA as long as you have'nt been a naughty boy
  11. Tell 'em a big boy did it then ran away.......I managed not to get caught either.
  12. Nothing recent, I qualified years ago and didn't get my LS&GC either. :)