Naughty boy from 22 sigs avoids jail!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by STILTS, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Charity con soldier avoids jail

    Ashley White avoided a jail sentence after cheating the Help For Heroes charity

    A debt-ridden soldier who conned the Help for Heroes charity has walked free from court after being shown mercy because he had served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Ashley White, a Lance Corporal with 22 Signal Regiment, was told he had only avoided an immediate jail term due to his previous service in combat situations.

    White, who cheated Help for Heroes out of £2,459.10p, was sentenced to 300 hours of community service and now faces a dishonourable discharge from the army.

    more here : Charity con soldier avoids jail -  UK News - MSN News UK

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    ****. Charity thieves are really, really scummy people.
  3. couldn't agree more what a twat!!!!
  4. Clearly not debt ridden enough to stop him supporting Ginsters!
  5. What a suprise, a member of the RS pictured looking like peadophile on his way to a cream cake factory
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Fat tosser.
  7. He's not in the, now defunct, Royal Scots (RS), he is (and hopefully 'was' is the correct term) in the Royal Corps of Signals (R Signals).

    Why has the cnut had previous service taken in to account? That just makes it worse surely?
  8. He has done more than you managed to if memory serves me correctly?
  9. Who was he in debt to? Greggs give credit do they?

    Fat thieving scumbag.
  10. How is the alzheimer's? I forgot to ask :D
  11. On a serious note, it may be that he wasn't intentionally thieving off his muckers and that in fact he just took £2500 in cash one day and thought 'oh I need £100 for this, I can put it back in the tin later, I'm being paid on Friday' and took a 'loan' from the H4H tin; then did the same the next day and again the next, spent the pay on rent and quickly £2500 disappeared on stuff. When in debt I can imagine that's not too difficult.

    So he's still a fat thieving bastard **** but it may not be as simple as being a 'con man who intentionally pretended to collect for charity to fund his own drink habit' so much as 'in-debt bloke who came across a mass of cash one day and spent more than he could afford to replace'. Shoulda known better though, and I've got no issues with my taxes no longer paying his wages.
  12. The fat fkuk should have gone down, regardless of his "previous service". Cnut
  13. What is it with 22 Sigs and crims???What do you reckon Pete and Barry???
  14. This is sick, should not matter a toss if he served in iraq and afghan 1000's of our honourable service men/women have done so, dont see them thieving two and a half grand from a charity fund and not just any charity fund one that could help that fat arses friends recover from serious injuries! Petition should be done to put the knob behind bars!