Naturists & viagara Sun Tan Lotion...

Q " how can you tell a blind man at a nudist camp?"

A " It's not hard ! "

Get It !
I'd have thought it was par for the course to get at least a lazy lob on watching all that leathery snatch parading around throwing beachballs with thier saggy tits flapping round thier midriffs...

Are you allowed to stand wanking like a wild monkey as nudists eat thier sandwiches on the beach
" ITS NO HARD " Get it ? you know ""IT"" s not hard. you know "it"
Do naturists use Viagra Sun Tan lotion to prevent soreness and chafing?

Do the Men naturists get 'wood' when they see the nice Lady naturists, and likewise do the nice Lady Naturists suffer from excess moisture when viewing 'wood?'.

ooo, I feel sick.....!
Well she's going to need an under car inspection mirror.
" it " IT" his, his thingy
His "dinkle"
Is that his white stick?
I'd say the one on the right needs some re-education in her taste of men... The other of course needs rendering down for nitroglycerine....


I have noticed that the kind of people who are naturists, are always the kind of people you wouldn't want to see naked!!!

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