Natural Target for NAAFI Warriors

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by teacherinheelz, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Why so you could breathe in your own shit? ....what are you on ...has a firework sparkler sent you into sparkle shock?
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  2. I'm praying for an errant firework to torch you and your house.

    Two sugars in mine love...............
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  3. A Bullshit detector, it would be busier than a one armed paperhanger if I was within 100m of you.
  4. Your second helpful explanation was totally unhelpful. :???:
  5. You will internet slap me?

    Please I cannot wait ... make sure you have the correct added on appendage first. A lung on your arse ...a quick takedown would suffocate you..never mind the extra eye causing incongrunce to your visual field making you dizzy.
  6. You fucking cunt.
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  7. Succinct but very sweary.
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  8. Well I feel duly slapped now! :roll:
  9. Where the hell is Whitehaven? ..where were we? ...bored ..bored and more bored you bore everyone like this. Here we go an emote with an appendage to add to your thread :rendeer: and another one :safe:
  10. You're a fat bastard.
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  11. Are you always a complete & utter cunt you cunt?

    Leave the half-wit alone! This is the only pleasure his carer allows him.
  12. Fuck my shit computer its re-directed me to the " forum
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  13. Geography or google not your strong point then, you could do with being a little less boring yourself while you are at it!

    Ps, is that a pic of you in your profile, careful how you answer?
  14. I wonder why you joined this site. You apparently have no connection with the Army, and your attempts to join in with the banter in the NAAFI fail miserably because even though you try and copy the style of other posters you just can't quite get it right.

    You also have a posting style similar to LucerziaBorgias/Crio.
  15. That's exactly who it is.