Natural selection.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. I recently attended a pre-herrick 17 parent/teachers meeting for samain11 junior, and spent the next day sightseeing in Oxford. I was dismayed to see that even when surrounded by learning, history, beauty and loads of people with unfeasably large brains...the chavvery showed absolutely no symptoms of having absorbed any of it. If these fuckers are incapable of evolving any further I think it is high time Adolf's ideas on eugenics had another look before this fucking sub-species gets any bigger.
  2. Says the man from Devon.
  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Hey!!! Don't lump me in with McNab...

  4. Oi leave us "Lovers" alone
  5. Aaaaarrrrrrrrrr.
  6. Awright my 'andsome!
  7. Your lucky not to have been anywhere near Tilbury or Jaywick Sands. Otherwise you'd be calling for WWIII. Which we may have soon.
  8. natural selection...
    i think at one stage you put something in your mouth
    a bottle...a ciggy...barrel of a shotgun
    sometimes all three
    now thats selection
  9. I was dealing with some prime example of mong chavery today . He rang police to ask if the police helicopter could be assigned to find his lost cat. When I pointed out to him that the helicopter was usually more gainfully employed , he said " what can I do " and I feel the emperor mong was hovering nearby , I said " hire a bloodhound " to which he said " where w
  10. Recently went to cambridge for a night out with the EX to visit her sister for her B'day, thought the bars and such would be filled with hot clever totty. Christ was i wrong, CHAV central and not a pair of knickers in sight. Wouldn't complain in normal circumstances but when you have 16 stone girls in very mini skirts flaunting it up you cant help but chunder
  11. Thanks to the welfare state, normal working people who can just afford to raise their two kids are paying for the long-term unemployed to have an amount of offspring that would be unsustainable anywhere else. I don't think we should look to Hitler's Germany for inspiration though, Philpott's Allenton is much easier to replicate.
  12. Uni towns are only good in term time.
  13. covered this one off with the Secret Government Death Squads a whle back, I see no reason why we can't employ people to kill the poor and stupid.

    It would save the Government an absolute forune, with very little outlay.
  14. Some of the poor and stupid are quite useful. The ones that should be targeted are the feckless bone-idle useless twats who contribute little or nothing to society.