Natural Selection ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Akira, May 24, 2005.

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    Just because the girls got a video camera does it make her any less of a little slapper ?

    Personally I think not, but it is interesting to see how the media are treating this one, compared to the previous days bunch of genetics gone wrong.

    I'm willing to stand corrected but just because she loves her sprog dosn't make her any better than the afforementioned 3, and what exactly does a "serious relationship" (at the age of 13 and 14 yrs) mean. I wanted a "serious relationship" with blondie at that age, didn't mean i was going to marry her, or get her pregnant.
  2. :evil:

    You don't get it do you? The kid died of fúcking cancer you twat, and she probably didn't understand the consequences of what she was getting into when she was 13. Her daughter faces growing up without ever knowing her mother, but now she will atleast be able to see part of her life and understand why she is not there for her.
  3. So... Any offers of "That's one less the taxpayer will have to support?" :?:
    Or is real teen mortality still a bit taboo?

    Akira is correct, there's no difference between this girl and yesterday's "starlets".
  4. Judging by the article I don't think the video will be easy watching for the sprog.
    However, lass made a mistake, but appears to have gone the extra mile to give her daughter a glimpse of herself, fair play.

    I don't know any 13 year olds who don't know how babies are made, do you?

    It's a crappy situation for everyone, can't criticise anyone for showing the lass's better points.
    And B_B, tax payer still has the pleasure of supporting the bairn.
  5. I'm sure they know how they are made, but I know plenty of young girls who have been misguided, thought it won't happen to me, been used and manipulated by others and generally dealt a bad hand. Yes there was some silly/foolish behaviour on their behalf but they are not entirely to blame and I wouldn't label them as 'little slappers'.
  6. Yes it is sad but I do not believe for one minute she did not understand the consequences. It is nice that that the child will be able to see something of her mother. Just hope she handles it well when she discovers her mum was only 13 when she had her. Cannot help thinking she may also suffer embarrasment when friends discover her mum died at 16. And the father, where is he?
  7. I wholly disapprove of underage pregnancies and subsequent sponging off the state, but would not wish this sort of fate on anyone!
  8. If she didnt know the dangers at 13 (hard to believe) she still had 9 months to abort if she didnt want the responsibility. Gutted for the sprog she died, but a kid at 13 is just stupid!
  9. As for the girl who made the video. It does not effect me so I have no concern at what she does. As father of girl who died from cancerous brain tumor, I fully support anything she may have done to ease the pain, suffering and confusion she was going through. The bit about 13 year old mums is covered elsewhere so I'll say nothing more here
  10. TA-sig

    Suggest you read an earlier thread about another 3 "slappers". You I think will be in the minority with your "poor little innocent" views.

    Oh and thank you for contributing it's just this sort of debate I was after when I started the thread.
  11. So its Ok for her to do all the mentioned "which are all against the law I think for a girl of her age!"

    Sorry but got to agree with Akira on this one.

    Nice video to do for the sprog but why did the "Family" not give her the love and support AND real values for life. No matter how short hers was.

  12. I'm not going to answer for TA sig but as one who also may have been judged to have a "poor little innocent" view on this case and the other mentioned I'd like to clarify my stance.

    I don't like how either set of young ladies and their families conducted themselves. I don't believe that people should conduct themselves in this manner and I don't believe that State (and through State, the Taxpayer) should have to support anyone capable of supporting themselves.

    However, as something of a pragmatist and admittedly someone who has worked with "long term unemployed" persons I realise that there is no way that one can legislate for them within a State which has a welfare system.

    So the choice is rather stark between having a Welfare State and not having one. To pick and choose who is worthy and who is not based upon your personal moral stance or even upon general public concensus leaves open a path down which few of us would really like to travel.

    In the estimation of many your average Tom is an undereducated yobbo who lucked out by getting into the Army.

    If he happens to get a leg blown off in the course of "his job", so what? He knew the risks and that's what he got paid for. Why should "the taxpayer" support him with a disability allowance? Surely there's a job somewhere in the Army he could do hopping?

    (Italics are not my views meerly a representation of the problems involved in estimating someone's "worth" based upon your limited knowledge of their circumstances.)

    There are scumbags out there who take the p*ss out of the system. And they're something that you've gotta live with.

    Mind you, that aside, there's nowt to stop you complaining about them. It does grip my shit a bit though when I hear supposed sane adults talking about enforced sterilisation and even execution of what are at worst petty criminals.
  13. Having managed to survive middle-school years without producing any illegitimate babies (sort of a statistical anomaly in the part of town I grew up in) I have to these girls deliberately wait to tell their parents until they're too far along to abort, either because of safety issues or because it would be too visually disturbing to make her do so? It seems like a pattern. And if so, it speaks volumes about what the family's teaching them about setting goals for themselves.

    I know that sounds naive. But in spite of the religious morality constantly being paid lip-service to, I think quite a few mothers would drag their 12-year-old daughters to the abortion clinic by the hair if they found out soon enough that their little angels were pregnant!

    Regardless, that poor little those other three junior hookers' babies, she didn't sign up for any of it.