Natty braces for brave ammo techs?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by AT55, May 12, 2013.

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  1. I saw these on Amazon and thought they would be ideal for ATs to wear as part of their mess kit. THE AAT has recently been trying to flog AT watches at only about £350 a piece. Why would any AT need a watch as they all know that the world revolves around them.


    give it a butchers but be quick as there is bound to be rush.

    Btw. I already have a pair but thank God no longer have to wear mess kit.
  2. well that was a waste of 30 secs cheers,
  3. I got Boris to make me some natty braces
  4. real bling to make you look like a good old southerner from the us of a!
  5. You could always raise the interest stakes by posting about how you are getting bullied at work, cheers
  6. They have clips FFS! Real braces have leather straps and button holes. That said, like the design, matches the 'flaming grenade' or whatever you ATO types call that badge on your arm.
  7. Yep I know they have flames just like "A in flames" trade badge worn by AT's. That is why I suggested some discerning AT's might wear them with their mess kit'

  8. how did you slip into the gene pool, was the lifeguard not looking,
  9. AT55,

    Why don't you call it 'The Flaming ********' like everyone else does:).

  10. Cos it's described as "A in flames". Someone once told me that only those who failed the AT course or who are jealous of the AT trade call it the flaming areshole. As I am neither, it is "A in flames".