NATO Travel Order & Dependants

Would appreciate any help on this matter:

My friends son, serving in Germany, married in Dec 06 and his wife hasn't got round to applying for a Passport (bad admin I know!). They now also have a 4 day old son who has not yet got a Birth Certificate or Passport. I understand that the Birth Certificate is in hand but the Passports will not be sorted in time for them to return to Germany, as a family, this Wednesday!

The question is - can the wife and child travel to Germany on a NATO Travel Order?

Thanks in advance for any help & advice.


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Officially No. However I have seen a wife be given one (phnaar phnaar) for a med appt in UK.


No - even if you could get the various immigration authorities to agree, they will still need a recognised form of ID to back up any paperwork that's raised.

That said, I've seen families travel back from Germany with zilch paperwork, just with a piece of paper from the British Frontier Service in Germany; if they still exist, try and contact them for some advice.
Thanks Mover - am going to let them sort their own admin out now that they are grown ups!
Isn't living in the UK great? I can travel around nearly the whole of the EU with no more ID than my German issued ID card, except of course if I am coming from or going to the UK.

Just bung them on the ferry/plane and if anyone gives them any grief just claim asylum from the persecution of being a normal family in the UK. :)

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