NATO - To be or not to be.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. With no knowledge whatsoever of the deployment of national forces in Afghanistan, I am intrigued by the media reports relating to certain national elements 'not being permitted' to serve in certain locations.
    It is reported that France, Germany, Spain and Italy are not prepared to send their forces to various locations. Is this fact?
    Bliar is, as ever, out of GB (no problems in GB with health, crime, education, immigration, national infrastructure, scandals et cetera) in Latvia at a NATO conference (why Bliar? why not Foreign Secretary or Defence Secretary?).
    The nations named above are strong proponents of a 'European Defence Force'. France appears to be opposed in principal to NATO.
    Is this whole affair a component of a 'European plan' to ditch NATO and replace it with a so-called European Army? If so, God Save Us. For all our perceived faults with the Americans, I want them on our side together with the Canadians.
    Trust the French? Not on my life. Rant over.

  2. What has Labours running of the country got to do with Nato??? As to Blair attending the NATO summit, perhaps he is going personally to try and convince The frogs et al to get their troops into AFG

    On Your last point, I have no qualms about the EU collecting forces for a situation, didn't we use just such a NATO style force in one of our East European hot spots???
  3. This is why Blair is attending the summit.

    "Nato leaders at a summit in Latvia have agreed......"

    So it is a summit of the top blokes - not Defence Ministers, Heads of Government
  4. France was never a member of NATO during the cold war - they would only support their European allies and move into Germany if the Red hoardes made a move. That's why their armour was light, wheeled but with big guns.

    As for a European Army, I would go for it only if they had the balls to get the job done. At present NATO has them, but unfortunately the Septics have tied a string around them and give it a good tug when the body doesn't do what they want!