NATO Supreme Command to Move to France?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. Personnaly I don't believe a word of that but it's entertaining to see how the torygraph tries to steer jingoistic feelings against both Obama and France...

    NATO Supreme Command to Move to France?

    Posted By: Nile Gardiner at Apr 22, 2009 at 07:44:48

    Diplomatic sources in Washington have indicated that talks may be underway regarding a major concession to France as part of a deal to reintegrate the French into NATO's command structures. If implemented, the concession - a possible relocation of a key NATO supreme command from the United States to France - would significantly undercut American and British power within the alliance, and is clearly against the national interests of both Great Britain and the United States.

    It was first revealed in February that French officers would be placed in command of Allied Command Transformation (ACT), currently based in Norfolk, Virginia. ACT is one of two supreme NATO commands - the other, Allied Command Operations (ACO), is based in Mons, Belgium. France has also been given the lead of Joint Command Lisbon, one of NATO's three main operations headquarters, which controls the NATO Rapid Reaction Force.

    The relocation of the ACT headquarters away from U.S. soil (possibly to Lille, the home of the French Rapid Reaction Corps) would represent a major transfer of power to Paris within the NATO alliance structure. It would place both of NATO's main supreme command centres physically in continental Europe and would additionally be a boost to French plans for the creation of a European Union defence identity.

    A move to France for Allied Command Transformation would result in the sidelining of both American and British military planners, shifting the balance of power within the alliance away from Washington and London. It would also be a hugely costly exercise implemented for purely political reasons as a sop to the French.

    There is still every opportunity to derail what would be a foolhardy move by the Obama administration. It's unclear to what degree the Brown government has been involved in any discussions over the future location of the NATO supreme command, but British defence chiefs and MPs should speak out against a move that, if enacted, will significantly strengthen the hand of continental European powers at Britain's expense.

    What a lot of balls.....ACT in Lille ? There is already an CRR FR HRF HQ there and no room for anything else in the Citadelle...
  2. Does this mean NATO will get a new flag?

    You know the one the French keep for emergencies - the big WHITE one! :wink:

    On another note - why do the Yanks care if the French are more involved in NATO or not? I mean they've already proved that they aren't willing to back any mission that isn't French led, French run, and French speaking.

    Maybe the Yanks should propose kicking the French out of NATO and hinting to Germany that should some Panzers role across the border, the US will look the other way. :lol:

    I know Britain will be... :p
  3. Personally I would have hoped we'd have been helping the Germans!
  4. Good point! 8)
  5. Lille? No way, what is wrong with Fontainebleu like the good old days.
    It has more class for a start, and most of the accomodation is still there, just get the Gendarmes out of rue de Canada and I will be more than happy to return!
    Lille, pah!