NATO strikes on Libya an echo of Serbia conflict

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by KGB_resident, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. NATO strikes on Libya an echo of Serbia conflict - Yahoo! News

    Now we could expect 'friendly fire' - bombings of Libyan rebels by NATO. As a front line is not clear in Libya and it is hard to distinguish pro-Gaddafi forces from the rebels then it will happen later or sooner. Gaddafi forces could provoke bombings using anti-aircraft arms.

    And indeed it happened.

    BBC News - Libya: Coalition air strike near Brega kills rebels

    It is a bit strange explanation. Still nothing about this story on CNN.

    NATO probing reports of airstrike on Libya rebels - Yahoo! News

    I wonder, what exactly do they 'celebrate'? And why so much needed rounds are spared.

  2. Translation?

    Russians upset another one of their pet poodles is about to get his comeuppance and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.
  3. Yes Mr Putin has already compared the NATO involvement as like a Crusader intervention, no doubt soon to be echoed by all the would be jihdists in the Muslim world :-(
  4. Really?

    Concern over British weapons makers' visits to Libya - Middle East, World News -

    So who exactly supplied Gaddafi with riot related arms? What sniper rifles are being used against the rebels?
  5. Just don't behave as Crusaders and that's all.
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement, KGB_resident. If Libya in 2011 will follow the model of Serbia in 1999, that means that Gadaffi is going to lose and be run out of power by angry locals without the need for an invasion. All in all, a solid NATO win. :)
  7. Oh, those sweet dreams...
  8. What, your dreams that all of your sullen and curmudgeonly dog-in-the-manger hectoring will actually have any substantive effect on us?

    In that case, congratulations. All the electricity that you make us waste by responding to your posts has provided Russian energy companies with a whole $3.52 of additional revenue. You can take pride in doing your bit to restore the glory of Mother Russia.
  9. Sasa Radic is a closet neo-Nazi and has the analytical skills of 3-year old chimp with a mouthful of rice krispies. In Serbia he will say whatever you pay him to say. He is a draft dodger and manipulated mouthpiece of the radical elements of Milosevic's security propaganda organs. His military experience consists of stealing documents from the old JNA military archives. These are his strengths and good points.

    For those interested in a summary of his bad points, please PM for details. :wink:
  10. Fair sir, my answer would rather disappoint you but really I haven't any intention to influence any ARRSErs, change their mind. I really enjoy thoughtfull discussions with our friends. That's all.

    Indeed sometimes my posts looks as barking from a dog-house. Acid-tongued, mocking style - it is my style and I'm unable to change my nature, my bad habits.

    My sincere apologies if your feelings are hurt in any way.
  11. There's an element of truth in the comparison to the Balkans, but it's more in the politics than the tactical details.

    Hills Clinton seems to be the prime mover in DC and her model for intervention would naturally be the War Of Bill's Penis. Similar emphasis on a limited US air war, only covert boots on ground, theatre of very secondary interest to DC, obvious lack of dog in fight, racist Eurovolk bleating about dusky refugee crisis, salience of humanitarian motives, designed in mission creep, POTUS evasive and far from frank about how long this might go on, how much this might end up costing DC in tax dollars and in this case strategic opportunities.

    We also had "flickers" of AQ and Qom's hand in Kosovo as well as a lot of straining to ignore the nastier habits of the KLA our "heroic rebels" back then. Ended in an expensively maintained basket case protectorate ruled by SUV for sometime which the Kremlin used as a precedent for slapping down Georgia. For the Europeans an embarrassment ended. For DC a mission accomplished with little reward and considerable cost.

    Set the stage for larger foul ups even though George Bush gained office partly by sensibly saying "we don't do nation building" a intervention besotted Tony Blair would help him stumble towards Baghdad to spend years learning how true that was.

    Big difference is Paris is the one with dire domestic political difficulties and led the charge with the Brits trotting eagerly behind and DC playing a very reluctant tail end Charlie. Oh and the first two now have much less formidable militaries, they are all near broke, sustaining at least one other war and likely to face more as the consequences of the giddily welcomed Arab spring hit home.
  12. The "element of truth" is that once again 'enlightened' liberal democratic governments have chosen to slap uppity wogs that have refused to do as they've been told.

    I am fast coming to the conclusion that Robert Cooper's 'post modern state' is nothing more than an advert for post-modern colonialism.