NATO sizesfor jackets.

Can anyone tell me how the NATO sizing system in old combat jackets such as the 66/68 pattern or 60 pattern worked. For instance what does NATO size 6070 / 8085 mean? I know its a bit anorak- ish, but I'm selling some of these old 60 pattern and 66/68 pattern jackets and would like to be able to tell people what the sizes are.
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The first two figures mean height in centimeters (you should add a "1")
The second pair mens chest size
For instance
Height 160/170 cm (short)
Chest 80/85cm (34'' chest)
So, a 34'' chest, short in old money
or XS/S in American Sizes
Sometimes sizes are referred with just two figures
180= 180cm (5'11'' height)
104= 104cm (42'' chest, roughly)
That would be L/R, in American sizes

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