NATO SG says "Pull your finger out"


Telegraph article: Nato chief makes Afghanistan terror plea

Quote: "Nato's Secretary General pleaded with the alliance’s European countries yesterday to allow their forces to fight in the war zones of Afghanistan, warning if they did not then terrorism “would be at our doorstep”. Unless nations including France, Germany, Italy and Spain agreed to drop the many caveats that prevent their combat troops from fighting in the most perilous areas, Afghanistan would again become “a black hole for terrorism”, warned Jaap de Hoop Scheffer."

Later on the reporter writes: "Even British paratroopers involved in some desperate fighting in northern Helmand province would have welcomed French or Italian reinforcements during the summer. Instead commanders had to form infantry companies from military policemen, engineers, Royal Artillery and “bottle washers” to keep the insurgents at bay."

I'm not sure how the Royal Regiment and our oldest Corps would feel about being lumped in with bottle-washers, whomever they may be, or how they might react to the suggestion that French or Italian troops might have been superior.

The overall point of the article is nothing particularly new, see this thread: Canada: Are German troops worth more than Canadians?, but at least it is being taken seriously at NATO HQ.
Maybe mainland eurpoean politicians are not as 'gun-ho' as Bush and Blair.

Maybe they see the benefits of deploying small amounts of troops to 'police' the safe and quiet areas - after all its bad for votes to have troops shot and killed!!
do we have a Corps' of Bottle Washers? How do I join it, the resettlement benefits must be enormous.
Afghanistan and the 'NATO' problem boils down very simply to this.

The US took on Afghanistan in 2001, with a little help from a few friends, thought it would be a quick in-out job, and then decided to stroll into Iraq. They screwed up, and so went begging to NATO for help. Most of NATO said, OK, we'll help you with a bit of PSO work, but forget this 'war on terror' nonsense, that's your invention and your problem to solve.

A couple of years down the track, the US was still going begging, and the Canadians, the Dutch and HMG felt obliged to lend a hand. The rest of NATO said, 'Up yours! We agreed to X, and X is what we're going to do.' Now, HMG, the Canadians and Dutch are in the poo - having completely underestimated the challenge and the problems, and the begging is going on again.

Now, imagine you are a German or a Frenchman or ??? and ask yourself this, just why should you bail out the Yanks and the Brits for their own stupid fcuk ups?
Well said Merkator.
On 9/12 King George could have asked NATO for 'anything' and probably got it with a smile.
But now Post his Iraq adventure no chance.
Poor TOM who will pay for Bush & Blairs Folly.

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