NATO Sequence Of Orders

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Yokel, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Can anybody quickly tell me what the standard NATO Sequence Of Orders is?

  2. Is this not classed as restricted? If you need to know it, ask someone in real life. It's probably on google failing that
  3. It used to be

    a. En forces
    b. Friend forces
    c. Atts and Dets

    (stated twice)
    a. Gen outline
    b. Tasks
    c. Coord instrs

    Svc Sp:

    Comn & Sig:

    Mind you Im old and bold now
  4. I remember the Brit one and I imagine it would be the same.

    Service and support
    Command and control

    I think.

    Edit to add: The mnemonic was:- Good Soldiers Make Every Shot Count.
  5. I understood the all purpose sequence for inf to be -

    1 Two up and bags of smoke

    2 Fix bayonets and follow me

    3 Carry on Sar'nt
  6. Any more?
  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa there fella!!! What happened to right flanking and bags of smoke? (Never go left......)
  8. 1. Call journalist with good photographer.
    2. Pick site to best demonstrate rugged good looks.
    3. Allow minions to worry about detail.
    4. Deliver rousing yet compassionate summary of execution. Include purposeful smouldering looks.
    5. Any questions?
    6. Look forward to subsequent media coverage and career as rent-a-quote on TV.
  9. Funny. This is for CLM training, actually....
  10. GROUND

    -Friendly Forces 1 Up (Intent and ME - perhaps SoM if useful) and 2 Up (MSN & CONOPS)


    --End State
    -Subordinate MSNs & Tasks

    CO-ORD INSTR (ends with summary of execution)


    COMD & SIG
  11. Teacher's pet.