Nato, Russia bid to wrap up Afghan transit deals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Nato, Russia bid to wrap up Afghan transit deals

    Afp, Brussels

    Nato and Russia have stepped up efforts to conclude by next month two accords allowing alliance-led troops in Afghanistan to transit Russian territory, Nato diplomats said Friday.

    "For years Nato and Russia have been bogged down on a framework accord on air transport and an exchange of letters on ground rail transport," one diplomat said, on condition of anonymity.

    "This time, we've decided to try to finish them by the NATO-Russia summit in Bucharest so that the documents can be signed by Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Russian President Vladimir Putin," he said.

    Putin, who is due to step down in May, has accepted an invitation to attend the April 2-4 Nato summit in the Romanian capital, and officials have said the Russian delegation has reserved from 250 to 400 hotel rooms for the event.
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  2. But with these new deals, "Nato countries will also benefit from an accord that will let them lease cargo aircraft from Russia.

    Antonovs safety records are terrible.
  3. Yes and if Pakistan goes wild the supply chain will be a little bit more robust. Of course this is in the Russians interests, for the time being!
  4. not wanting to be callous about Russian aircrew, but if they're being hired for ash'n'trash and not personnel, who at the MOD cares if the odd one drops out the sky, especially if it works out a bit cheaper? :roll:
  5. It will, however, give the Russian Government (Putin) considerable practical say over the conduct of NATO operations in Afghanistan. Remind me again, how supportive was Putin of NATO in general over the last few years?
  6. I see the old Russkie bashin cold warriors are in the house, no doubt you would prefer the existing supply routes, you know the ones that goes through all that very stable, law abiding territory where the local custom officials steal everything and p1ss on whats left. Better that than Ivan eh?!

    This news is very good indeed and will seriously help our people on the ground.

    But don't let that get in the way of a good old knee jerk attack on fellow Christians who share at least some similar values.

    Ohhh look its Third Shock Army at last! Or is it a **** smear on my glasses.....
  7. Im more concerned about air safety if troops are being transported in Russian cargo planes.
  8. Good show ruskie.

    If you think paper chasin is bad this side of the curtain, you've fcukin seen nowt!!

    Are your LOI's all in order? ;)
  9. I didn't realise Ford had a Transit dealer out there.

    Ba da tsshh!

    Sorry, I'll get my coat on my way... :roll:
  10. Is Jaap de Hoop Scheffer a real name?
  11. I really do hope so.
  12. Surely if the Russian Transport aircraft are serviced correctly then you've got a cheap rugged large transport aircraft, that should be a hell of a lot easier to repair and get parts for than the expensive American and European stuff........

  13. I'm more concerned with the current attitudes of the Russian Government. They've not been particularly friendly of late and this seems to be handing them a pretty big stick to beat us with, particularly if they see us achieving what the Soviet Union couldn't.

    I also don't believe that the few similar values the Russians hold are a result of Christianity.
  14. can't see russia losing on this one though.
    Nato wants to give terry a good shoeing why should we stand in the way give them one from us while your at it :roll:
    Once NAto have there msr set up I'm sure there be amenable to seeing our way over a few trifles :evil:
  15. In this country and a good number of European countries we have all suffered from Government cutbacks in out armed forces. Has the same happened in Russia/WP or are they sitting on hundereds (thousands even) of perfectly servicable and capable aircraft and tanks that could give us all a very nasty shock should Mr Putin suddenly want to expand his borders al a Hitler in 1939?