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NATO Premtive Strike !

I'm just waiting for Sergey to surface.
In reality I suppose it's always been on the cards, but Why have they Chosen to highlight it now ?
Robert Cooper, an influential shaper of European foreign and security policy in Brussels, said he was "puzzled".

"Maybe we are going to use nuclear weapons before anyone else, but I'd be wary of saying it out loud."
...did he whisper it? :D
I would expect to see this in the Sun or Star. I suppose the Guardian is also falling into the gutter.
Wow - what a big news story. A number of miltary men advise that in a nuclear world, the major alliance cannot dismiss the idea of first use of nuclear weapons. They have only re-stated what has been the policy for 40+ years.

The Guardian dressing it up as a knew dangerous threat to world peace. It panders nicely to their readership who will now fret about those nasty violent men in charge of armies. They might as well have included a link to the CND membership renewal page.


Is this anything to do with the current bully boy actions of Putin? Or just an excuse really start another cold war? Mmmm, I think it has already started.

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