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Hi all.
I have just completed a TSGT course and I now need to find out what postings are available in the Signals now that I've got my foot on the SATCOM ladder so to speak.
Anybody any ideas as to what posting there are out there?
<Deep Breath> Allied Command Europe Core Information Systems Contingency Assets Pool Battalion (ACCAP Bn for short) - Part of RHQ AFNorth (Or whatever it's called this week) - Based in Maastricht, NL

Avoid - 1st question I asked when I got there was - "So, what does ACCAP stand for?" - Not one person in the unit knew, including the CO. Pretty much set the tone for the rest of my tour. Got loads of money as a singley though! :D

ACCAP died as a unit a couple of years ago

Its now called 1st NATO Signal Bn, far from being a quiet posting you will find they are almost constantly deployed or on ex.

As for passing your TSGT course, i would have thought you would have been in a NATO unit to be allowed to attend it, if so, then you will know where the other PE postions are.

Now if your from an ARRC unit and did the course for Operational reasons, then i suggest you talk to some of the NATO personnel you currently work with.

Failing all of that your welcome to PM me, i can advise you.

And of course finally just because youve done the course, it doesnt mean much, as i know full well the limitations of Latina.

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