Nato opeval

Inspired by THIS THREAD does anyone recall doing an OPEVAL? Either in barracks or whilst on Exercise?

Who was the WO2 NBC bloke who knew everything there was to know, and more about NBC. :-|

Did your unit try to pull the wool over the OPEVAL teams eyes? Did all the fatties disappear on detail when the BFT runners were selected.

Were all the NBC asst instructors rumbled to go in the chamber?

Was the sentry quizzed and asked to recite the Chemical Safety Rule?

Anyone else remember them?
They still exist and are called NATO CREVAL. Still S**T, still pointless and still feature far too much NBC (now called CBRN of course) than necessary. Evaluators comprised of huge numbers of unemployable, Non-Swimming Lt Cols who are easily defeated when faced by a native English speaker. Complete waste of time and money, thank God we abandoned them 20 years ago.
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