NATO Officers Mess - Sennelager

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by batus_survivor, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. I've been bored lately and for some reason began to reminisce about times in Germany.

    Has anyone got any memories of the NATO Officers Mess in Sennelager? One of mine from winter time as a new subaltern. Allocation of the huts was by seniority so the more junior you were the further from the main building you got. And hence the further from the hot water supply. Mornings meant getting up 1/2 hour early and running the tap, then getting back into bed until it got hot enough to wash with. I also remember the bar maids...
  2. I enjoyed a 'romantic' tryst in the bar, or rather, over it.
    I tell you, my arrse didn't half hurt afterwards.
  3. Allocation of huts?
  4. The NATO Sgts Mess is a dump too. The food was bone and accom arrse.
  5. I can guarantee you you that the barmaids have not improved in any way shape or form. In fact nothing has improved there by the sounds of it. The boot cleaner contraption still isn't working after 3 years. The food is still god awful too.

    I love going to Sennelager...
  6. Huts - can't think of any more flattering description of them. Yes they had individual rooms, but so does a stable. Never been anywhere more soulless - even the new(ish) mess in BATUS has more atmosphere.

    What really shocked me once is that it took me 2 years from leaving the factory to spend more time in my room in Munster then I had in Sennelager. No joke.
  7. I am on my way to Sennelager this year staying in the NATO Sgts Mess. Wots that like then????
  8. Sennelager - probably the worst lager in the world.
  9. The chemical beer they served gave you a hangover whether you drank one beer or ten. If ever there is a place designed to make you drink to forget where you are - that is it.
  10. It used to be very good. For a while it was ruled by a clown of a Mess Manager (Ex Bbr from 39 Regt) called W*lker who thought that the building and the bar stock were his and his side kick, an ex BW full screw who ran around in a London Taxi. The RSM was Duke of Boots and as thick as f*ck. Anyway, after being bullied enough by W*lker, one of the bar maids grassed him up to the German Customs and he was sacked. He'd been robbing the tax frees and was very popular amongst the ex serving Range Control Staff and a few locals. Things got better after that. An ex ACC Staffy took over as Mess Manager and things went on the up. The miriad of Honourary Members (Range Control mainly) whined like f*ck as they'd lost their access to non entitled tax free fags since W*lker got the heave ho. The bar was ace, the staff were brillinat and the livers in were a bundle of laughs, apart from some stuck up gobsh*te Int Corps female Sgt and a Dog Handler Sgt who got huckled for theft (anybody remember Bob the Dog?). Even the SASC spoke to you! The accommodation was very good as well. The entertainment was a nightly boxing match (freindly like) between two absolutley mental RAMC Sgts.

    I went back for a visit about 3 years ago. What a shite hole. The main building accommodation was a tip. You couldn't move around the corridor for sh*te. The transit acommodation was less than cosy. F*cking freezing in fact.

    I think that it may have received some renovation. I hope so as I have some very good memories of that place. Sennelager itself has changed a lot. There's some good pubs down Schloss Neuhaus and in Paderborn. It's a good place to serve.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The Nato Officers Mess at Sennelager? I entirely associate it with hangovers from the Veltins (?) beer they serve there which seems to be ultra-powerful, as well as not very nice. It's interesting seeing all the old pictures of Waffen-SS men and Tiger tanks hanging on the walls though.
  12. Had the pleasure (?) of using both.
    NATO Offrs Mess - the dining room is great place for a medieval banquet. There is a great collection of photos from the Kaiser Bill/Adolph era in the ante rooms where you can snigger and Monty P goose step to your heart's content.
    Accomodation is fine if you are not too far from the boilers (RHIP), but the radiators tick tick bloody tick all night. If your fingers are on the bar at 22:59:59, they'll be lying amongst the empties on the other side in a pool of blood come 2300, as the bar shutter was installed by Monsewer can hear ze Cherman staff giggling from behind it if you are not too p155ed...
    You pay your bill on arrival(!).
    Recall a bunch of those Fr Cdn Vandoo fruits wrecking the place in the '80s. Officers. Canadian. French. What a combo.

    NATO Sgts Mess? OMG! Get a hotel room. No, really....I mean it.
  13. Yes, and the older German Army pictures, and the wooden plaques at the end of the corridor with the formation signs of the British Army as it was in Germany in 1945.