NATO mission to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE,,25689-1961736,00.html

    Another plane, a German transport, had been assigned to fly to Herat to collect us. But like almost all Nato forces, the Germans serve in Afghanistan under rules called “caveats”, decided by each nation, which impose tight restrictions on what they may and may not do. These caveats are infuriating for the Nato commanders but are imposed by political leaders terrified that the slender public support for the operation in Afghanistan might be shattered completely by serious military reverses.

    In our case we had fallen foul of a caveat that stated that German military planes were not to fly at night. That’s right. Germany, the second richest member of Nato, a country whose government expresses full commitment to the War on Terror, says that it can take part only in daylight hours.

    And the cloggies are getting cold feet:,,25689-1961735,00.html

  2. It's not like the Dutch to dither about anything is it?

    Oh, hang on.....

  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Sadly the Krauts have taken more casualties on the ground than anyone bar US I seem to recall....dunno what Ms Merkel's stance is on fwd deployment of her volk though....

  4. I think we can all agree that we'd prefer the small, crap german army we have now rather than the large, efficient german army of times past, though?
  5. And if memory serves me right, most of those casualties occurred last year in an attack on a convoy taking German troops home on R&R when a coach got taken out by a suicide bomber. In broad daylight.
  6. Why not !

  7. c.May 2003 - yep, it was a civvie-style coach and nobody on board was armed. The bomber drove alongside in a taxi and shredded the vehicle and its occupants. Not a pretty sight, poor souls.
  8. I believe the smart money is on the op being delayed by 6 - 12 months until they resolve the issue of basing, money, ROE etc etc etc.

    Guess our boys in the North might get summer leave in...
  9. AIUI, the Afghan 'fighting season' is March-November, during the winter the passes are closed by snow and Talibs can't get through from Pakistan. It might therefore be prudent for the 'chickensh1t Euros' to wait until later in the year to deploy so they get an easy few months up to March 2007.
  10. Over 250 Pakistani soldiers have been KIA in anti-AQ operations across the border in Waziristan over the last 3 years. I hope their sacrifice will not be overlooked
  11. 8 more germans killed in an EOD incident in 2002. They seem to have been very unlucky.
  12. I think the first bit of that article also follows the theme of this thread, quote:

    "OPENING the sliding door of our rickety minibus, the cheerful Italian soldier who had been our escort for the day had a surprise for us.
    “You have time for some shopping,” he said"

    I am convinced the Italians have a national caveat that says that out of any 24hrs, at least 16 of them must be spent shopping in the PX's when on Ops. It's true for Bosnia, Kosovo and now Afghanistan! :) Without them, the PX's and Naafi's of all nations on operational tours would go out of business.