NATO Meritorious Medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by big_bad_bill, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello there, dear, kind fellow ARRSErs. A mucker of mine has been a very, very, very, good boy and is being awarded the NATO Meritorious Medal. After checking through JSP 761 on his behalf, I have discovered that all foreign (including NATO) medals and awards have to be agreed by HM Queen (GBHS) before being given and she (or more accurately, her lackey) will state whether they can be worn or not.

    The question I am asking is, has any Brits been awarded this before and is there a precedent on wearing it or not?

    I've also got reservations as to whether permission to award it in the first place has been sought, but I'm chasing that through other channels.

    Yours in anticipation,


    edited for being a mong
  2. Noone in the British forces are allowed the wear the NATO MSM.
  3. Very true and it has been awarded to members of HMF before.

  4. Cheers for the quick response lads. FSJ, do you know someone that been told no then?
  5. Yes i do. An officer in 3 PARA was awarded it a few years ago and has been turned down on numerous occasions for eligibility to wear it.
  6. And there is the offending item, 2nd from right. I understand that this fella is now out....however it is incorrectly included in this group.

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  7. As my ISAF medal will be when i leave!
  8. Why? Didn't you get the OSM for the service that you did in Afghanistan?
  9. NATO MSM is 4th from right.
  10. Cheers FSJ and Jonny. I tell him the good new tomorrow, tee hee. Apparently they are putting a big show on for the presentation. Seems a lot of bovver for something that he cannot even wear!

    But then, I could lie to him, wait till he has the miniature on and get him port fined. :plotting:
  11. All the officers and SNCO's in 3 PARA wear the ISAF miniature. And why not! We fcuking earn't it!
  12. Correct, 2nd from right is the EC Monitoring Mission medal for Former Yugoslavia. (No permission to wear that either). Also, I'm not sure why it has a rosette on it.
  13. If your RSM is happy, fill your boots. Trust me, I'm not denying that you earned it. However, you may find that someone will be a prick about it if you get posted outside the Bn.

    I'm in a station mess and they are **** about these kind of things. I know that one unlucky Sgt was fined to death for wearing the non-article 5 medal in our mess.
  14. As the guy is out of the Army i don't think he'll need permission. At least he hasn't mounted any of those sh1te commemerative medals.