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Discussion in 'Medals' started by ilikechips, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Even though we are not allowed to wear it, how do we actually go about getting it? Is it as simple as going along to the J1 bods in theatre and asking them to sort it out?
  2. You'll get it as part of your leaving process.
  3. Go in to the J1 cell at either BSN or KAF and get one from there. If they don't have any to give out there and then they will give you some paper work to complete, and some time in the future, maybe a week, maybe a month or maybe a year you will get one in the post.
  4. You are allowed to wear it. I wear mine with my pyjamas.
  5. Poser.....
  6. You say that like you expect me to have my own units J1 staff out here ;)
  7. DIN 2007DIN09-028: Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals by Service Personnel :

    ...Commonwealth and foreign awards or those of international organisations (eg, UN, NATO) may not be worn unless the individual has been given ‘permission to accept and wear’. Individual permission may be derived from an announcement in the London Gazette, or may take the form of a letter from the Private Secretary to The Queen. In the case of Commonwealth, international organisations or foreign campaign service medals, collective permission will usually be promulgated through DCI or DINs.

    NATO Afghanistan medal currenly not on that list.

    Except for para 34 c: ... NATO Afghanistan Medal may be worn on pyjamas. But only if the wearer has the intent of being 'operational' in said pyjamas (and may, therefore be taking said pyjamas off at some point during the 'operation').
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've got two of the damn things so far, will probably end up with more. as there is no name/number on them, there doesn't seem to be any central record, so if you do a stint with a UK-administered Unit, and one with someone else, you too could have one for each Chest pocket :)

    I wouldn't mind, but they're not even really worth anything on e-bay :(
  9. After 30 Days in Afghan you chain of command have to apply for it. After paper work has gone in you should have it in the next month. Atleast that is what happened in my unit. The one thing we had was that our guys at KAF got a certificate with theirs and us at BSN only got the medal.
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Don't stress about it too much, our lot never even bothered to apply for NATO medals and they were the HQ in BSN.
  11. Pyjamas? Does your teddy bear get to wear the miniature as you snuggle up in bed? :)
  12. You need to hone your selling techniques then. I was lucky enough to steal a box of the things from Bastion. I averaged £16 a medal on the bay. Cheers easy.
  13. We've been told there's a shortage of them and not to hold our breath about getting one.
  14. I wonder why? :)

  15. Your CoC should submit a Nominal Roll of those in your unit who have not yet go the NATO medal - that goes to the grown-ups and hey presto your medal will then be lost for you.