NATO medal for Aussies in Afghanistan

NATO medal for Aussies in Afghanistan November 02, 2007

AUSTRALIAN troops who have served in Afghanistan will be able to accept and wear the NATO medal.

Defence Force head Angus Houston has announced that Australian troops serving alongside their North Atlantic Treaty Organisation counterparts will be able to wear the NATO service medal with Afghanistan clasp.

Air Chief Marshal Houston said the Commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force offered to award the medal to Australian troops and the Government had agreed.

The NATO medal with clasp ISAF is awarded for 30 days service in Afghanistan in support of ISAF.

Air Chief Marshal Houston said Australian Defence Force personnel had been working with ISAF since July 28 last year, making a significant contribution to security and reconstruction in Afghanistan.

“The award of this NATO medal recognises the military skill and professionalism of Australian service personnel in undertaking difficult and dangerous tasks in Afghanistan,” he said.

“This formal offer reinforces that ADF personnel are held in very high regard by our coalition partners.”

The medal may also be awarded posthumously. That means both Trooper David Pearce and Sergeant Matthew Locke, killed in Afghanistan last month, will be awarded the NATO medal.

And anyone evacuated from the area of operations through wound or injury before reaching the qualifying period will also be eligible.

ADF members deployed to Afghanistan on Operation Slipper were also eligible for the Australian Active Service Medal with clasp ICAT (International Coalition Against Terrorism) plus the Afghanistan Campaign Medal.
Aussies tend to wear everything. Saw some of their navy blokes once wearing the Saudi Gulf medal on dress whites.
Skynet said:
This must be a first?
They almost certainly deserve it. My limited experience of working with aussie troops left me with the impression that they are definately worth their salt.

"fair play, mate"
jumpinmonkey said:
don't they get the OSM as well?
No they get there own campaign medal and the Australian Active Service medal with ICAT clasp so thats 3 medals for one tour plus if not already qualifeyed 2 badges
The Dutch used to get both the NATO Bosnia medal and their own countries Bosnia medal too, I think the Canadians also got 2, the septics probably get the NATO, their own plus all of the other countires who are there medals.
jumpinmonkey said:
anyone know if there is an update on the uk introducing a second bar for those in Helmand?
Yes. As it will cost an extra 30p to add another clasp to the OSM the Government has scrapped the idea due to the money being needed by the gay eastern european invalid society.
hat_mackem said:

Do not get the NATO medal.
sorry but I was talking about Bosnia, which they do get, I was on enough medal presentations in Sipovo to know that.

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