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Morning all

Just a quick question on the NATO medal

I served 3 tours of afghan and never once have a received the NATO medal. I know some lads received a NATO medal for each one even though I do believe they are all the same. I understand the medal doesn't hold up to much as its not wearable etc but wanted to know if you are meant to receive them or apply for them.

Thanks in advance gents


To differentiate between battalions.

What is a main battle tank for?
Last time I looked it was for fighting main battles in, last use was about 2006. What it will be for in the future is another question all together. Along with so many other cherished bits and bobs.
Our Airborne friends refer to it as a DZ flash because it was an idea poached from them. To the rest of us hats it's a TRF.

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Nah, there's nowt sexier than the sound of of a MBT revving its engine whilst 200ft up getting dropped by parachute on to a beach to spearhead an amphibious assault.
I love the smell of diesel in the morning. Any hoo fishing trip over for today.

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