NATO Map Marking Symbology

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by machiavelli, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. What is the definitive document and is it available in E copy ?
  2. For the UK - Land Component Handbook (Acronyms, Abbreviations, Glossary of Terms and Symbology) Army Code 71748.

    It's on the electronic battle box.
  3. I believe that APP-6(A) is the source document (under STANAG 2019). APP-6 has recently been rewritten which is the one that standardises terminology and is on the intranet. I can’t find APP-6 (A) on the intranet, but try the wikipedia entry for APP-6a, this has a link to a draft PDF document.

    As QRK says there is a UK guide in the battlebox that is useful, but this will not be definitive if you are working in a NATO context.
  4. Also on DII on the Battle Box section there
  5. You might find a use for current NATO map symbols as a microsoft compatible Tru Type Font, courtesy of my old comrade in arms, Maj Tom Mouat MBE of t'Really Large Corps. You may never need a Rotring stencil again.

    Download 'em here:
  6. Stonks - absolutely brilliant OSW has just got a lot easier.

  7. Stonks - absolutely brilliant OSW has just got a lot easier.