Nato issue waxed motorcycle jacket

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by bonkers96, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. Good morning,
    does anyone have a nato issue Barbour waxed motorcycle jacket that they'd be willing to get rid of?
    The size i'm after is a C42.
    Not too fussed on the condition of the wax but ideally the jacket will have no rips,tears or frayed sleeves.

    Cheers chaps
  2. Is this the black version issued in the 1980's with the CAN AM Bombardier or the Olive Green version I have seen ?

    Try the MT RIDERS CLUB or the OLD BIKE MART.

    Also try F2 MOTORCYCLE who import the Russian Combo's as they were selling a good copy of the wax motorcycle jacket.

    Belstaff are selling thier copy in the Bicester Retail Village at a discounted price but still expensive.

  3. Thanks mate.
  4. i have the exact thing you are after however it took me 4 yrs to get the colour and size i wanted (there very small for the label size)i was recently offered 200 quid for mine and refused not becouse i think its worth more its just that the cannot be replaced the lack of an exterior barbour label is what i like about it a real street sleeper in a very strong hard wearing fabric not like alot of the remade ones which look like they would burst at the seams the colour is very "in" as its very much like the steve mcqueen replicas that are about at the moment i do have some 32 inch trousers in the same material
    NEW*Barbour International Steve Mcqueen Wax Jacket*VERY RARE*Olive-American Flag | eBay
  5. Ta for the reply mate,
    not interested in the Steve McQueen stuff to be honest, i don't like any big labels on the chest of a jacket.
    I missed out on 2 before xmas on ebay. Looks like i'll have to keep my eyes open on there.
  6. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Crowd called Barbour by mail on the net are having a sale there's a Barbour neander there, looks close.

    I'll sell you the interior label of my Barbour NATO jacket for a ridiculous price.

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  7. Thers one one on ebay for £325 ouch
  8. I have one of these jackets in my shed in a real poor state, will dig it out over the weekend. Anyone know what's the best way of cleaning them up?

  9. Barbour do a reproofing service, and theres two on Ebay at the moment at least.

  10. Send it to me for a token amount and i'll take it off your hands

    What size is it by the way?
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC there's a guy advertises in a thing called Old Bike Mart who maintains he can clean them without wrecking them, despite what Barbour say.
    Other than that its cold water, scrubbing brush, merest hint of soap on the really bad bits.
    The rest of it scrub it. Cold water. When its clean enough hang it up to dry naturally. Bring it inside and see what it smells like when it gets to room temp. As that's what you're going to smell like when it warms up.
    If it pongs hose it down hang it up to dry somewhere room tempish then spray it with febreze when its dry.
    If that doesn't work send it off to Barbour. Once you've cleaned the dirt off it and scrubbed the lining.
    Good luck.
    Anybody else have anything?

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  12. waxed jacket?......... isn't that just a blazer that some Italian bloke took a dislike to?
  13. Waxed cotton is cotton with wax melted into it. Let's all stop thinking a name makes the same things 'extra special'. Gucci shirts made of cotton are the same as Tesco shirts made of cotton (in function).

    eBay cheapo Waxed Cotton Jackets are made of the same stuff as Barbour or Belstaff jackets but cost a fraction of the price.

    Don't pay for a label, or a 'warranty' you'll never claim on.
  14. Obsolete shit and not worth the silly money they're fetching to be honest. Still, you'd look a bit funny on a 1923 Ariel sidevalve wearing a one-piece Dianese suit. I'd be looking for something plain, black... and Goretex.
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I don't even have a motorbike and I still like mine (Army issue)