Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by oldjo, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Would like to ask anyone if they know if the NATO ISAF Medal has been cleared to be worn. I recived both the OSM Afghanistan and ISAF medal on Herrick 4 and still my unit can't make a decision on weather it can be worn along with the OSM?
  2. Nope - See 2006DIN10-002 dated Jan 06

    This is a cut and paste from Para 10 (accessed from open sources), and states the only NATO medals that are authorised:

    c. NATO Medal with ribbon/clasp for:
    (i) Former Republic of Yugoslavia*: 01 Jul 92 to 31 Dec 02.
    (ii) Kosovo*: 13 Oct 98 to 31 Dec 02.
    (iii) Macedonia: 01 Jun 01 to 31 Dec 02.

    d. NATO Non-Article 5 Medal:
    (i) Balkans (Non-Article 5): 01 Jan 03 to date to be decided.
    (N.B. Macedonia [FYROM] elements ceased on 31 Mar 03 and the Bosnia Herzegovina elements ceased on 01 Dec 04).

    ..... and you cannot wear the miniature on your mess dress either:

    This is a cut and paste from Para 18 of the same DIN:

    Miniature Medals

    18. Miniature Medals and emblems must correspond exactly to the full size medals an individual is authorised to wear.

    The predecessor of DINs (DCIs) were cancelled after 1 year, but having asked around this is the latest direction I can find (but I am on tour at the moment - no intranet). I have also checked in JSP 336 and there is no authority there either.

    I know that some units are wearing miniature ISAFs despite the regulations but that says more about the RSMs knowledge of the rules than the soldier's desire to wear a medal (unless of course this DIN has been reversed, but I doubt it).

    Hope that answers your question.
  3. Thanks Sammy sad when you have to join ARRSE to get an answere that my Adjt should know.
  4. I found ARRSE to be a mine of infomation & a good rescource, but don't take everything at face value.
  5. The NATO ISAF medal might as well be made out of chocolate for all the use it is...
    But then again, you do get a lovely certificate to go with it. Sadly its made out of paper which is too stiff to use as a bog roll substitute. Maybe it'll make good kindling for a fire...
  6. As WG100 knows, the day Gen Richards gave us our NATO ISAF medals on Herrick 4 last year, I talked to him at length about if we could actually wear it or not.

    He said that currently, we could not although we are the only NATO country who don't, and that he was looking into letting us wear it.

    He then said that we could wear the miniature on our mess kit. I replied that this was OK for the seniors, but not for the men.

    So, when people question why I wear the miniature, I tell them that the man who presented it told me that I could!

    I'm not holding my breath about ever wearing the full size medal.

  7. It looks like he was mistaken then.
  8. The protocols are no different between the wearing of miniatures and full size medals. There is no difference between 'seniors' and 'men' - mess kit or otherwise. What you've been told is beaulocks. Whether you choose to wear both after leaving the service is up to you and is permissible.
  9. I'm out of the Army this year and am making all my medals into a presentation with a posh frame and evrything. I would like to put the NATO ISAF non Article 5 medal in there as well, but i was never given one. who would or should have given it to me? Would it have been my unit, medal office, or some civvy at NATO HQ?
  10. After Herrick 8 our admin office had a box full of them along with blank certificates and a list of those to receive them! dont think they got handed out though!