Does anyone know where the list of E2/or equiv posts at NATO HQ in Brussels open to UK Offrs (S03 equiv), might be published? Or where such info might be avail?

Just that I don't think that APC would be the best place to start (E2/'Outside' jobs often being shrouded in mystery by our desk offrs!)

Any help gratefully received
If you are interested, phone your desk officer and ask directly. It's amazing the interesting NATO jobs that are around (less now than in the past) but there are still a few.
I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but I would prefer to remove my own spleen with a rusty spoon and eat it rather than ever work anywhere near NATO again.
Very very few for SO3 types I'm afraid. Those that do exist are for ADC or XO type positions. There are a couple in the ARRC, but why volunteer for yet another UK based tour? If you're keen to go abroad then look at some of the BMATT type jobs which you can find by calling your desk officer or talking to your Adjutant! Unless of course you are the Adjutant?
There's an ADC job on the current SO3's list if you're man enough. ;)

APC has done much work on succession planning in NATO/EUMS recently. You could do alot worse than get a year or 2 in a NATO/EUMS HQ now, if you're planning on staying in for a while. Once you've been selected for non-flagged posts by an APC Board, the next step is to be selected by the NATO Military Cttee; previous experience in NATO/EUMS will make things run more smoothly.

I wouldn't bother speaking to your desk officer. He has other fish to fry...

Go direct to the Combat or Def Pol CFMs, or even their AOs, and ask for a heads up. If you're really keen, read all about the drive to get people into NATO/EUMS, and the importance of succession planning/experience in last year's MS Assurance Report and/or MS' Roadshows.


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