Nato has serious supply problems in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Politicians and generals can discuss strategy until they’re blue in the face, but absolutely nothing can be achieved if the supply lines collapse. Nearly all the food and all important fuel required by the 80,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan has to be trucked in through Pakistan’s troubled border region, into Afghanistan’s equally restive southern provinces. And since the summer the Taleban has been using its hold in these semi-autonomous tribal areas of Pakistan to wreak havoc by blowing up roads, bridges and the fuel trucks which can be destroyed with just a well-aimed rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I thought we were negotiating some deal with the Russians and others so that we could stop using the Khyber pass - this has been ongoing for about a year.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    At least with the Taliban you consistently know where you stand.....
  4. If this is a surprise you've not been paying attention. All the moronic decisions made by the Bush administration and Obama's campaign promises are coming back to bite the US. This is why the US has just told Georgia they're on their own; it's why the Russians will soon screw the US for concessions over treaties, ABM deployments and the like and the US will roll over and take it. Having destabilised Pakistan by flailing around in the South of AFG the only supply routes in are under Russia's control.

    Don't want to have to buy off Russia ? Then don't deploy troops into their back yard you can't resupply by air.
  5. Or Iran's. :)

    What do you mean can't supply by air???? Soon we'll have the all singing and all dancing A400M to do just that. :)
  6. Playing fantasy war here, if Pakistan fell apart then we could rush in and 'protect' the distinctly secular, nationalist Baluchs. Seize Gwadar ( ) and plough through an MSR to Helmand from the South, with an armoured thrust to Quetta on the R flank to dislodge the Quetta Shura. Good tank country. Friendly civpop. Only problem the Pak nukes. Ah well...
  7. Who foresees a modern day retreat from Kabul all the way to the pakistani coast?
  8. PS.

    I also forgot to mention that in good time we'll have a pair of CVFs to give us independent intervention capability. Who needs Pakistan and Russia then? :)
  9. F*ck me WC, I want to live in your dimension - it's better than the one I live in :p
  10. No, if things got that bad, we'd move north and hole up with the Panjsheri/Herati Persians, Uzbeks, Hazaras etc.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Who's betting we'd rather let Pakistan go to the wall first so we could 'rescue them' and thus also fill the Khyber Pass with our forces . . . .
  12. Khyber's ungovernable, and unneccessary if we have Baluchistan. It's becoming my pet stratagem now... :D

    Meanwhile, in today's Daily Times (above "Sodomised boy’s family demands action" 8O ), we have:\08\17\story_17-8-2008_pg7_17
  13. Have you just spotted the wee flaw in the pro-CVF argument too? :)
  14. Alternatively, break out your copy of Xenophon.
  15. The Curse of Dear Leader lives on.
    Tone wanted to be as his Hero and bask in the limelight of Great Military Victories.
    He started so many military Commitments , almost said wars, and he never thought them through.
    Ganistan has gone on for longer the WW II and now could fail due to a lack of Supply.
    Amateurs study Tactics, professionals study Logistics.
    Just who decided we could rely on a single roadway, must have been studying Market Garden.
    Air can only supply relatively small weights of equipment, the days of Massive airfleets and Berlin airlift are long gone.
    Amusing comment on a recent BBC Afghanistan documentary, a reception was being held in the Russian Embassy in Kabul and the Ambassador says to the Beeb reporter words to effect that "I'll be happy to invite you to my farewell party for the Brit Forces."