NATO forces in Bosnia have arrested Karadzics son

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozgerbobble, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. Whether this will do anything to assist in flushing out "Dad" and Mladic remains open to question. Let's hope so.
  2. I doubt if any serb will grass on either Karadzic or Mladic. While the rest of the world see them as War Criminal, the serbs don't (bit like Maggie and the Argies over the Belgrano!).

    I doubt if his son will grass him up....Paddy Ashdown must be getting frustrated.
  3. Karadzic or Mladic will trip up one day and get caught, at the moment their lifestyle is not much different from a prison, they cannot travel as freely as they like. they live in fear of that knock on their door like many of their victims did, they must live a vampirelike existence and isolated from normal human activities.
    very much like a prison and take comfort from that, would be better if they were caught and brought to account, for now they live in fear this time form retribution by their victims if they catch them first before we do.
  4. Do you think they do? I doubt that they are even in the country - both spoke fluent Russian and it is likely that they are living it up somewhere where even NATO have no powes of arrest.
  5. you are charged with having an offensive's not really going to stand up is it?
  6. According to the Times (18 Jul) they have released him - no surprise there then...