NATO disunity on display.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, May 26, 2017.

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  1. Silly boy! Germany and Japan are identical twins. The earthquakes and tsunamis in Germany are even worse than those in Japan, 30mtr tsunamis on the Rhein are quite common plus of course earthquakes of around 12 on the Richter scale.:roll:

    Actually I live just north of the Eifel, which is a dormant volcanic region. Theoretically there could be a monster eruption with all the attendant fun and games. However the last earthquake round here was in 92 and amounted a mosquito fart in relation to what happens elsewhere. The rest of Germany has no problems whatsoever. But let's not get distracted by mere facts.
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  2. The Germans had one on the 16/17 May 43 in the Ruhr region.....
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  3. Ooh, clever, but man-made so doesn't count
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  4. Yes and say those 12 in the Far East really , really want U.K. Potatos, Beef and British cars? No, they do not. Maybe the Chinease want our very expensive coal? No the do not. Maybe the Australians want British wheat? Nope , too expensive. What about those New Zealanders , calling out for U.K. Lamb? Nope wrong again. Let's try the people living on Hawaii and Guam. They love pork , let's sell them U.K. Pork scratching s and pies. Nope they love SPAM. Made in the USA.

    Matters not if there are 140 or 540 nations to trade with. If he U.K. does not have a market there , it will cost more to advertise and try to get a footprint on the market , and the Chinease will be there before the U.K. Gets there.
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  5. Can’t, his chubby little hands have got a death grip on them while he has nightmares about impeachment.
  6. This democracy thing is utter bollocks eh
  7. Probably what Merkel thinks.
  8. They certainly are, I posted a verboten link earlier showing how close they are culturally and currently (again), but Oliver Cromwells' New Puritan Army deleted it. (Masquerading as a moderator, an appropriate title)
    Try searching You Tube for "Panzerlied" posted by Bakuzero and you will find the Tokyo Philharmonic playing it at a musikfest just a little while ago.
    Oh, and in Germany too.
    What will Uschi say about that then?
    The Panzer March by the old ally?
    All it needs is the Italian RAI National Symphony Orchestra to play the "Horst Wessel" and we have Top Trumps on which tune Herr Juncker's father sang on his eastwards travels?
    Forget the Eurovision, the Devil still has the best tunes.
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  9. Well we all know what would have happened in the Warsaw pact countries had they shown disunity don't we?
  10. It would have caused the Warsaw Pact to collapse the way it ultimately did?
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  11. That wasn't the point, was it?
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