NATO Chinook shot down in Afghanistan

Latest Sky News 31 US SF killed in Chinook crash
****ing Taliban.. RIP Lads.
RIP. Its a dreadful loss for all concerned, but I'm afraid to say it was only a matter of time.
Bad one!
Before having a go at jerome have a look at the comments on the polar bear thread.
My intro to the RAF was overhearing conversation at entrance to mess:
A: All of them killed.
B: Who was the captain?
A: xxxx
B: Can't quite place him.
A: You know xxxx, a bit anaemic looking.
B: He's fvkin' anaemic now all right!

Deleted 20555

er it's nothing to do with armour - these things do tend to fall out of the sky or drive into mountains and things with distressing regularity.
Considering RPGs are 10 a penny I'm not surprised one eventually got a lucky shot in, seems every bloody contact includes at least 1 RPG. Remember a Chinook is a big bloody chopper and it doesn't need Tom Beringer to be able put one in a sight picture.
A lucky shot at a Chinook hovering over an insecure LS in close proximity to the enemy. It's a big vulnerable target - even at night.
Condolences to the families and comrades of the personnel killed - a tragic loss of life.
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