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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Hairy Arrse, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Anyone had recent experience of this? I'm posted to SHAPE in a few weeks time and will need to get a second car, so am keen to take advantage of a VAT-free buy. Audi UK offer a 10% NATO discount off the ex-VAT price; better than a kick in the teeth but frankly not as good as I was hoping for (particularly as Audi specs on their baseline models seem to be quite a bit lower than they used to be). Are there better deals to be had?
  2. Volvo do something similar. The offer is essentially the same but I got an excellent price on my second hand car as a px. In fact - it was a bit over the odds for what i could have got had i sold it private on Pistonheads or Autotrader.
  3. If you hang on for a while, one of the ex pat tax free car vultures will be along in a minute pretending to be a serving soldier whilst pushing you towards the 'great deal' that they got from X or XY tax free car sales. And it'll just so happen that the 'great deal' will be on the model which you were considering.

    The best thing about BFG closing is that it'll put these vermin out of work.
  4. Ford do a healthy Military Discount - something like 20% last time I bought a car.
  5. Be wary of Ford. The 'healthy discount' means that you are receiving a car which would not be accepted on civvy street in the UK for the same MRP as an unblemished model. In effect they are 'seconds'. They've failed or would fail the quality check. It's not a safety or reliability thing, it's usually a cosmetic issue (which dealer's know about but don't tell you), like the paintwork is sub-standard. You'll find blistering or corrosion a few years down the road but within the paint warranty time scale. Nothing that you can't sort out and nothing that effects the running or the safety of the car, but an issue that they really should tell you about.
  6. Yea - just go straight to the dealership. Sack off NAAFI cars or whoever.


  7. Really, really. I've bought two over the years. Both had paint problems very early on, way earlier than you would normally expect (one inside 3 years). I bought them because of the level of discount, which was very good. A bit of digging around though and I found people who'd bought the same car as me around the same time, who had paint defects in exactly the same places on their cars. I parked next to a car identical to mine in JHQ and the owner pointed out all of the blemishes on his car, all of which matched exactly to those on mine. It's a quality issue. They just don't tell you about it. They wouldn't be sold in a UK dealership to Joe Public. There'll be the inevitable disagreement here as that's the nature of the site, but hey ho. When I was digging around, I found people who told me that Ford used to put a plate under the carpet where the VIN used to go marked 'For HM Forces only'. I'm led to believe that this practice ceased in the late 80s/early 90s.

    I will add that both cars were very reliable and barring the paint issue overall I was quite happy with them. I would have preferred to have known about the cosmetic issues to begin with though.

    As for the comment re 'vultures', well I've never liked them and haven't a good word to say about any of them. I just don't like ex pats who view Squaddies as a meal ticket. You know, the weasely "I'm your best mate until I've got your cash then you can sod off", type. I'd rather they simply kept it 'business like' instead of sliming all over you like miniature 'Fagans'. I've only ever dealt with them once but that was enough for me. Some of the horror stories from people I worked with were enough to convince me to buy direct from the UK.
  8. Same in Cyprus as I was moving in to my MSQ there came a knock on the door which turned out to be a Brit sales man trying to loan me a car whilst I was sorting the Familie out in the hope I would buy a car from him.
    Sadly I pointed out to him my duty free car in the car park and the fact that I had already been in spic land six months, I was most miffed at the fact that he had been given all my move in details by some twat even down to my reg number.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    BMW and Land Rover do some stonking deals, might be worth a skeg. Downside is you might have to mince around in a Range Rover Sport but you can't have everything.
  10. Thanks for all the answers. BMW UK have offered me 15% discount off the VAT-free price, so I'm considering that. Unless I can get something better when I move across the Channel...
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Confess that I bought a brand new beemer with a mil discount which they also tied in with a superb finance deal, v happy. I wanted an Audi S4 Avant at the time but Audi just couldn't (or wouldn't) match it. LR said you can have the discount but not a preferential interest rate. BMW won then!
  12. No response.... ordered anyway!
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  13. Nice! What sort of spec? Unfortunately, they don't sell the sportbrake version in the U.S.
  14. We bought an Alfa Romeo whilst in SHAPE, albeit back in 2003, still got it now! think at the time FIAT were doing a 20% NATO disc and then you also got it tax free. But obviously things may have changed.