NATO Approved Jerry cans for sale

I used to get 'em for that price with fuel in , non returnable though ;) ) ;
Anybody who fancies a free jerrycan, just pull in at all the laybys on the A12 north. I've left shedloads abandoned about there. Free fuel courtesy of HMF....mmmmmmmm.
driving home on leave to uk many many moons ago in the dark ages of time,, i had a jerry can full of petrol with me to,, get through france,,
just before calais i thought id stick it in the tank as i was told your not allowed fuel cans on the boat..sloshed most of it over me in the lay by--as id forgotten the funnel and at 0400 in the morning it was pretty dark, and i was trying to hold a rubber torch with my teeth...
finished deceided i didnt need the can any more..looked traffic launched it over the hedge,,,clunk ,,bang ..rattle metal on metal..ooops..
looking over the hedge with my torch the rear of the hedge was full of jerry cans,,i was not the only one with that idea..
theres prob now a french jerry can millionare out there somewhere..

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