NATO and UN deployments

Seen a fair bit on the news about NATO and UN deployments recently, how does one get deployed by NATO and the UN? Are the unit attached to them or is it random selection of units?

Sorry if that sounds daft, but I am just curious.


If its not a unit deployment in support of NATO/UN operations, then individuals can volunteer for NATO posts. But as far as I'm aware, thats only if you are serving in a NATO unit and have access to the NATO secure WAN. For UN and subsequent UK tours then go through the OCE list on the armynet
ahh ok, thanks :)

I was just wondering as I see lots of news reports on NATO and the UN so wondered how troops were selected for it.
As far as i am aware with the UN they decide that they are going to deploy a force to a particular area for whatever mission and ask members of the UN to contribute forces for it i.e Cyprus, Bosnia etc and member states can contribute or not. Some member states i.e the USA don't like their forces to be under the command of anybody else but themselves so US force contribution to UN mission's is low. Some countries like Norway, Sweden etc have high commitments to UN operations. I suppose the UK commitment except for Cyprus is more of individual soldiers and not formed units.

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