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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. I heard a rumour that due to "PC"ness Z is changing from "Zulu" to "Zebra". Is someone being wound up here? :?
  2. b0ll0x - Zulu is not a derogatory word but a name of a race of people. Are they going to change India as well? Or maybe the peoples of Lima will get on the bandwagon and try and get that changed to lentil? :roll:
  3. I doubt it will change, certainly not to Zebra. A major point of the International Phonetic alphabet (correction: international radiotelephony spelling alphabet) is that there is only one way to pronounce each word. If you think how Americans pronounce zee-bra as opposed to zeb-ra I doubt it would be considered suitable.
  4. Prior to the adoption of the NATO phonetic alphabet, both the UK and the US used Zebra for Z. I doubt there's anything in this rumour.
  5. indeed - see for various alphabets
  6. Wait till the yanks ´americanise´the battle at Rourkes Drift......Zeeeluuus Sir............thousands(or Ks for the yuppie version) of them!!

    I´ll get my coat...........
  7. You could be right "SOS" on a desert beach and be missed...

    You would learn "MORSE CODE"..... and scream "CW"....and hope for the best.

    Lots of SAS men got lost in Nepal not to long ago...."Everest"...
    I Had to go with the "yanks" as the Chinese did not trust the Brits!!!!

    All solved by 28 Sqn FAF!!!!!! = Wessex.......
    Date/Time..= shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. And tonight's special award for "Most random person on the Internet" goes to...
  9. not to me...

    Simply because this happened before you wore uniform!!!!!! 8)
  10. boris that last one stinks of Caubeen, are you sure you didnt throw a message in latin down mount everest to the waiting general to rescue said SAS men.
  11. And an APC after the troops dismounted used to be designated 'zulu'.................until the warrior replaced the 432!
  12. There was nothing wrong with "Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog" etc.
  13. Papa will be changed to "non biological significant partner"
  14. msr

    msr LE

    You must be a septic.

  15. Surely you mean Ack, Beer, etc ?