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ARRSE went and did this before (back in 2005 as the thread tells me) but I think it's worth a few of us having a look.

Just created a nation on NationStates called "The Democratic Republic of YourMothersFriend" and so far it's a great laugh. It's not something you need to play every minute of every day. You log in, make a few political decisions based on choices given as 'issues' arise in your country and then when you come back in a few hours time, you see what impact this has had on your country and it's economy or civil rights etc.

It's interesting stuff.

Best part is that you can move your country to join 'regions' which is essentially a continent. So I propose we create (again!) an ARRSE region, get our countries together and get some shit done. Could be a good laugh and an interesting social experiment!

It's deady easy to do.

Here's my page (you can sign up from there): NationStates | The Democratic Republic of YourMothersFriend
Oh, er, if anybody HAS signed up - send me a telegram.

Or click the 'tired of life in [whatever region] and join ARRSE so we can all hang out and have a big sexy love-in.
The Nomadic Peoples of Goatphuquer has joined ARRSE region. Currency is the Coprolites, so if you have any spare, left over from your holidays perhaps, just drop them off in my poc, erm, charity box.
Right, do some stuff, sort your country out and if you want to let me know who you are, send me a telegram.


Join the World Assembly. You can vote on 'global' incidents and stuff.

I then need to pick a senior delegate or whatever to be number 1 in charge of the region.
Gentlemen Thugs have arrived. Might there perchance be a hostelry where we can prevail upon the local ladies to remove their decollétage from its corsetry for the delectation of the gentlemen present.
The Constitutional Monarchy of Dick splash

Crime is a problem. Dick splash's national animal is the golden labrador, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the biscuit.

Go to the 'region' thing - the bit that says 'something Pacific'

Then click "tired of life in whatever Pacific"

then search for ARRSE and join us.

I'll sort it all out and make it funnier when I have the patience and time.
The Empire of Fit Vikings Cheerleaders has joined and wishes to spend many sinkplugs promoting the region of Arrse.

This post has been edited to report that I have already been moderated on NationStates. My countries motto was "The best remedy for a short temper is to twat someone!" They have told me off for having sexual content in my motto. So I have changed it to "...smite someone."

Fuckin' weirdoes, I wasn't on about pregnant fish.

In order not to be banned I have also changed my currency from Buttplugs to Sinkplugs, slightly strange that they didn't pick that up.

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