Nationalities of Birds doors you have kicked in

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Ok Men... Not to start a p1ssing contest, but just interested what you dorty fookers have been up too and any good tales about them? And particular anecdotes about them. It's alright I wont spill your dirty laundry to your missus, your secrets safe with me... :p any recommendations on a good Shagging race???

    My Starter for ten

    1. Norweigen - Inverted Nipples
    2. British - Obv, a few to mention
    3. Irish (Southern) - What a Horny accent, lovely
    4. German - Obv
    5. Polish (but actually Russian but done a pole) - Highly Obv and dorty bag of spanners
    6. Czech
    7. American
    8. Canadian - mmm Batarso!!!
    9. NZ - Best bag off ever and fit also
    10. Malaysian - knows the drills in bed, shags like beltfed Mortar
    11. Thai

    My future targets in no particular order

    1. Brazilian
    2. Italian
    3. Aussie
    4. Swedish
    5. Swiss
    6. French (as long as she is fit and doesnt smell of garlic)
    7. Chinise
    8. Japanese
    9. Indian
    10. Bhutan or Easter Island (just to say I nailed something different)
  2. Honduran - Clearwater Beach Florida, the only woman who ever made me blush !

    Nigerian - The most uncomfortable ride of my life, money was exchanged and i was made to crouch over a bidet whilst she stood and watched me "cleanse" before relations began !!

    Indian [/b[/i]]- in a grotty cardboard house 3 miles outside of Medhat Canada !! Awesome !! Also my first "hirsute" lady !
  3. They are rare but they re like shagging Nepalise.
  4. What a fantastic celebration of cultural diversity!
    Allow me to add...

    Polish: Red flag was up but kept at it all night.. sheets were a bit ropey mind.
    American (a few): Dirty b*tches.. one even had a try at ATM
    German: Probably the worst of the lot..all the video propoganda i've seen of them was most mis-leading.
    French: Can say what you like about the garlic and onion stained surrender monkeys, but she was a good un.
    Australian: Dirty cow
    Dutch: Lovely.. big tits, bit of a screamer tho.
    British: (more than a few) Pretty much all of the above, but with a squirter chucked in for good measure. Good times!

  5. I can tell you were traumatised :roll:
  6. Bird from Belfast lloret de mar 1988. Size of jimmy crankey but shagged me daft over two nights before she went home. she didnt even mind me being a squaddy.
    OH then catholic girls!!!
  7. The hounduran one seems an interesting concept, may add that to the list :twisted:
  8. trinadadian. Baby got back
  9. Welsh
    Birds from Plymouth
    No Pakis yet
    South African

    I am not really a racist
  10. You like big butts and cannot lie????????????????
  11. My god B and T the woman was insane, her party piece was to kick a cigarette out from her own lips with a sweep of her leg ! I was fastened to her breast for 40 mins whilst people wandered past on a crowded beach before heading upstairs to her room, the next morning I had to execute what i call my "news of the world reporter strategy" made my excuses and left !
  12. English
    Northern Irish (Good proddy girl)
    Prostitute in Holland (black unknown origin)
  13. Ferchrissakes...
    English,Welsh,Scottish & birds from Plymouth...
    Sounds like you've only shagged 4 and are embarassed to just put down "British"!
  14. Id have fooking married her............. :p
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

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    Collie (Twice)
    Jack Russel