Nationalists exploit war film to stir hatred from the past

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 13, 2007.

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  2. I doubt the veracity of the story. How can the film be playing to full houses when most of the Polish population appears to be in UK?

    Another feature of the upcoming Polish elections is that a significant proportion of the voters won't be there.
  3. The Poles will be opening polling stations in the UK for the emigre vote.

    The Poles can't help being twitchy about the Russians and the Germans. Their country was divided between Imperial Russia and Germany for 130 years. After little more than 20 years of freedom they were crushed again and stayed in chains until the 1990s.
  5. No mate its a direct lift from the newspaper article - a good emotive title that gets people opening the thread - blame the Times. And having lived in Poland for two years and with a Polish bird for 6 I know a fair bit about Polish history or at least the Polish veiw on it. :wink:
  6. Bigos and Pierogi to you mucker :p
  7. I believe that the BBC should have started showing 'Henry V' with Laurence Olivier on a daily basis.

    Rugby fans can then overwhelm the French with chants of 'Agincourt, Agincourt, Agincourt' and 'Saint Crispins Day is here again.'
  8. But it is the British Broadcasting Corporation, you seriously can't expect them to pander to the vast majority of the population by raising some English Pride !! That's will never be allowed in this day and age.

    Not that I care of course - I am not English :D
  9. Washed down with Zywiec and Zubrowka! Nazdrowie!!
  10. It's here chaps, just for tonight ?

    Cry God for Jonny, England & Saint George !

    Bigos and Pierogi to you & don't forget the Pivo!
  11. When I was over in Poland in the "Good Old Days", most Poles knew about Katyn, but only from that they were told at "grandad's knee", so to speak. Officially, the Party didn't want to upset the Sovs. Mind you, in the churches, it was very different... In St Briget's Church in Gdansk (where the Solidarity movement had a "powerbase" there is a striking black marble memorial to Katyn


    The memorial in the Garrison Cathedral in Warsaw is also very striking


    It's still a big thing to the Poles and rightly so...
  12. I can't see telling the story of history truthfully is wrong.

    The Russians did it, and they will live with teh stain on the fabric of their country. No country should be allowed to cover up their mistakes or monstrosites, similar to the Holocaust laws.

    Although inthe big scheme of things, it is a small stain on a very stained fabric.

    The Poles are right to be wary of the Russians and Germans, both countries have, either seperately or combined, held them in thrall.

    There are many in the former republics of the USSR who had the yoke of commist freedom and the utopia of the workers paradise thrust upon them, when they were happy with the lot that they had prior. Many lost no time in getting rid of such systems.

    Having been to Poland quite recently (Uhlan Eagles) and spoken with the locals, (in German surprisingly) they still have a great hatred for their own Communist Party who they feel held their country back, and have held people back to farming the land when they could have been able to be educated to a higher standard. (only possible if you were a "good communist".

    The Polish Communist Party recently barred about 50,000 members (actual members rather than the "all citizens are members approach") becuase of growing apathy.
  13. Sod the Zywiec, but wave a bottle of Zubrowka at me and I'll be your friend for life or until the bottom of the bottle :) Thanks to all for the powerful images and the youtube linkie. Sto Lat :)