National Uprising

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chodmeister, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. I'd join an uprising in favour of a (minimum) 50% cut in the size of the State....
  2. Can't see many of the great unwashed involving themselves in anything that requires any degree of effort. Except of course rentacrowd.
  3. Woodley is a ******* idiot and a thief.
  4. Ideally suited to being a spokesperson for the left then.
  5. So your not a fan then?
  6. Seemingly and UNITE have already planned a day of action. I wonder if he can't cope after the new chap moved in. Then he is still drawing a salary.
  7. Nope he's spent millions on jobs for the boys refurbishing union offices and then doing it again not long after. They spout shite about BA terms and conditions and then reduce it's own staffs wages to the tune of several thousands.
    It's a union that can't unite about anything as they are still arguing between Amicus and T&G sections.
  8. I hate the unions with an undying and fierce hatred born of the 1960's. Mind you the govt of any flavour aren't much better. Oh bollocks shockwave flash has just crashed. That means I cant see the site adverts. Bugger.
  9. I'm up for throwing a few bricks about in a civpop stylee, as long as cameron and co are the targets.
  10. Much as I resent the effects of the cuts on my way of life, the alternative under Liarbore is just too awful to contemplate.
  11. ****. Not you Jarrod.
  12. Agreed. tenletters