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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NewBod, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    I am very keen to join a National Unit - does anyone know if there are any actively recruiting at the mo?

    Plus, does anyone know if there is a national unit for intelligence corp?

    If so, do they only recruit ex-regs/ta or are new bods welcome.

    Any comments or recommendations on National units would be appreciated.

    Would have liked to have joined a local unit, but I am based abroad and can not get back for drill night :D s!


  2. Doh, Yep, sorry, specialist unit, that recruit nationally.


  3. I have the same thing as you, I don't live on the mainland and fly across for training. All the national units will be recruiting but I don't think there is a Int corps for national. Just one other thing the 19 day a year is getting very hard to do and most people I know me included do a lot more, most often at least around 30 and there is still more you can do.
  4. Are you sure you're allowed to join?
    I live abroad too, and have enquired numerous times without even getting a reply.
  5. No, he was quite right. National unit is the new name for Specialist unit and Regional Unit is the new name for Independent Unit.

    We like to keep people on their toes !
  6. Not getting a reply is not just because you live abroad. Its fairly standard practise for many TA units, I understand. If you don't keep trying, you are obviously not keen enough and, as you know, we have to beat people off with a sh!tty stick.
  7. Thats ludricous, next you'll be telling me its all one big army or other such nonsense!
  8. Rumor I heard today is that all they do is MATTS training with many overseas camps. Overseas is alright but boring MATTS?
  9. Cheers for the replies. Appreicated

    The RLC looks interesting and I will follow it up.

    Anyone know if the 335 MEDICAL EVACUATION REGIMENT (V) RAMC is recruiting?

    Monstor - what unit are you in? Any good?
  10. I thought specialist unit was the new name for national units :?
  11. Does anyone know the contact details for the RLC in Grantham? e-mail or phone number.

    Tried to find it on the website, but for the life of me couldn't see it!

    Or am i just a being a tw*t!
  12. I wouldn't bother e-mailing if I were you, it was Grantham RLC who don't reply. You may have a better chance if you phone them...........if they answer it.
  13. This is where the extra days come in that somebody mentioned further up. 19 days is a minimum!

    The basic "offering" is do a long weekend (which yes, is essentially MATTs) and a two-week camp each year, and that's your lot. Pass everything, tick in box, Fit-for-Role and bounty.

    On top of that, soldiers can then elect to do some of the fantastic array of courses, optional military skills weekends, SAAM type events, plus all the usual administration. Depending on your unit and civilian employment, some of the additional courses on offer can do some serious CV-enhancement.

    But I'm sure you know all of this already Polar!