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Hi - hope someone can help me with this.

I am a shift worker so would find it quite hard to commit to a local TA unit so would like to join a nationally-recruited unit. However, I am finding it hard to find any information. TA Near You is a great site but it seems like it only includes local units. I would consider doing anything at all. Is there a list anywhere?

Thanks in advance.
potta said:
msr said:
It's tempting to suggest that if you are not able to use something as simple as google, then you are not going to be much use to a National TA unit.

So I won't.

Didn't look under the South West because I live at the opposite end of the country. Cheers though.
I don't think you have quite got the concept of 'National' yet...
If you can't grasp the concept of "National" as apposed to "Regional" the British Army may not be for you!

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