national TA

im with a national TA unit, recently done my matts and it was suggested i get some additional weapon handling training. It's some distance to my unit, it was suggested that i find my local TA centre and get some additional training there...

anyone know if this can be done?

msr said:
Yes, but you had better arrange it between your Training Major or Adjt and the local unit's.

thanks msr, it was suggested i speak with him, to be honest i would look forwards to it if it could be arranged.

MrTracey said:
National TA ? - next on the list
Doubt it. Our bit was described in the Review as being the role model for the future - or words to that effect.

Bringing your civvy skills to the party - and using them - saves MoD money. As does only having to exchange your kit on change of uniform (Over the course of 28 years, kit exchange due to deterioration - 3 pairs boots, 3 pairs trainers, two pairs trousers - the latter due to snagging on Landrover door handles). ;)

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