National TA units.

Hey Everyone,
How does a National TA unit work compared to a Local TA unit (esp with regards to officer duties)?

i.e. In a local unit you're in and out every week and weekend - but you can't expect someone to travel the length of the country to do that for a national unit. If you and everyone else are there all the time it's easy enough to keep your finger on the pulse and get the admin sorted, but again the same can not be said for a national unit. Etc, etc...

Is anyone on the forum in a national unit, especially 170?

Thanks in advance!
19 days minimum, that's 2 weekends and 1 fortnight camp per year.

One of the weekends must be your training weekend where you have your tests (fitness, NBC, shooting etc).

There are opportunities for extra weekends if you wish but no evening attendance is required.

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