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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. So do we all end up with the same amount of MTD's this autumn? From what I heard last night, if I move to a national unit I will end up with more MTD's than a normal unit - plus do a more taxing job.
  2. I am with a national unit and at the moment limited to 19 days. What was said last night then?
  3. Currently with normal .... we've just been told we are going to 27 max live everyone else.
  4. I'm in a national unit, and I've not been told its changing from 19 days. However, I have done about 60 days in recent years and been told days might be declined if I go over 100.
  5. I thought most "normal" units were currently 50 max. Is this a newly released change?
  6. Working with a base of 50 MTDs per head, however, as before additional MTDs can be made available assuming there
    is sufficient justification. Thus, we're trying to get all course and qualifications out the way before camp, with the expectation we might start to have a harder line enforced upon us there after.
  7. Working from memory, the notes I made last night are at home. The days are being set by the Graduated Commitment Mechanism.

    Phase 1 (Initial Tng) - 30-35 MTDs to get through phase 1 training, only available in the first year.
    Phase 2 (Hybrid Training 1) - 27 MTDs (as a baseline figure) to do all other training (phase 2 or 3, MATTs, annual ex, etc)
    Phase 3 (Hybrid Training 2) - 50-55 MTDs for pre-deployment training
    Phase 4 (Mission Specific Training) - pre-deployment training working with the unit you're deploying with.

    Enablers (instructors to you and me) will be able to claim some more days to ensure people qualify for courses and MATTs.
    Recruiting, KAPE, MACA and RAAT tasks all add to the total.
    COs are granted some discretion to allow extra days for other tasks (in my case doing the regiments electrical safety testing), but this has to be kept within budget.

    If you are in a unit that gets plenty of RAAT taskings then the sky is your limit still.
  8. Not seen the official document... but my unit wasn't capped because we were re-roling to 'new equipment' (which has remained in the sheds). I got the impression the remainder of the TA was limited to 27 MTD and RSigs are now to do the same from October
  9. Assuming RSigs TA exists after October - at the moment I thought all bets are off...
  10. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Don't say things like that... I don't want to be out almost as soon as I get in.
  11. Your unit will have an MTD budget of X£. How that is spent is up to the CoC with "guidance" - maybe even "Direction" from Bde. The baseline will be 27 MTDs but just as now I have no doubt that some will do more, some less. I know of one unit where the CO decided that they were so important they should be in - and paid - most days of the week, leaving little in the pot for the rest of the unit. Resulted in severe grumpiness from Bde.
  12. More MTDs in return for a more taxing job - seems fair to me. Although the reasoning is on its head as National TA are supposed to be required to do less in return for their civvy training input.

    I don't know what you heard last night - if it's relevant to me, it'll probably reach me next week - but adherence to Regular procedures has certainly increased our training requirement. Instead of a 15 day Annual Camp, it's now a 15 day Annual Camp plus a related weekend (ISO 9000 series, don't you know) - in addition to MATTs, "trade" training, H&S training, etc. - all of which is essential just to keep up to speed. I can't see how National TA can perform on less than 25 MTDs per year (contract says 19) - and even then, flight timings could add another 2-6 days to this.

    I was going to add "(at least at SNCO level)" but the reality is that Sappers and JNCOs hold the more current qualifications, if not the experience, so it's really a requirement across the board.

    That's the situation for RE National TA. Other corps' National TA may differ in terms of unit requirements but their role often requires them to provide support outside of their own unit so I doubt that the overall need for MTDs beyond 19 per year is much different. For Independent units where training is wholly Army-supplied, 27 days per year should be taken as the minimum necessary to show commitment, and this number shouldn't include Drill Nights. It was a mistake, years ago, when TEA (Training Expense Allowance) was dropped in favour of 1/4 day pay. Back then, 27 days meant 27 full days plus 20-odd Drill Nights - and that was the minimum before warning letters were sent out.

    That's my opinion, anyway.
  13. On the training side, we're now at about 16 days per year (although you can get away with just 6, although it makes you undeployable for 6 months). No camps, as such - although the odd course - but plenty of tasks (mobilised or on TA time). TA time tasks do come out of the unit budget, obviously the mobilised ones don't. I'm probably over my 27 already.

    If budgets are becoming tighter, I suspect there is going to be an almighty row between the people who give us jobs to do and the people who allocate MTDs. It should be fun to sit back and watch. Mind you, from experience, we didn't get too badly hit (on the MTD front - lots of other hassles, though) last year with those 'well planned and better implemented' cuts :)
  14. The future number of MTDs is still to be allocated, at present everybody is speculating the event , TA MTDs of 19 and 27 days is the set minumum , GCM is a very good way of speading MTDs , if you not deploying or not enabling why should you be getting days its a part time post ,not a second income , times are hard for all present climate wait for the offical line.
  15. Idrach, sounds fun .... might see you soon.