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This question has probably been asked before (perhaps even by myself), but is it possible to join a national unit (reduced commitment) if you live abroad?

On the old TA recruitment website, they had a guy who lived in Brazil and was a TA chef. I of course thought to myself "If he can, then so can I!"

I have therefore attempted to contact the RLC at Grantham a couple of times without getting a reply (maybe that was a subtle hint?), but thought I'd ask here to see if anyone knew the offical party line.

One more thing, is it possible to join local units on a reduced commitment? Would that be up to the CO of the unit concerned?

If you have the skills and they have the travel budget, then yes.

local unit with reduced commitment? That'll be a National Unit then ;)

As always, the answer is: phone them up and ask.

Why limit yourself to the RLC?

170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp RE at Chilwell are looking for all trades.

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