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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FamilyGuy, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. New to the site chaps, so forgive if I mong post, just want thoughts on something.

    I spent the day with a 'Great-Great' Uncle of mine yesterday.
    As a former Gunner himself - he's hitting 90 in a month - and me currently joining, (I know that doesn't earn me any points)
    but it was a real interesting time I had listening to his stories as an old PTI.

    He told me about his wife having Alzheimer's, two weeks ago she took a walk from her house and some f*cking scum managed to scam £130 off her :twisted: , by saying she owed it him/ he/she must have been familiar with her and her condition like. The woman does't even remember her own name, so its seemingly easy to scam her.
    I also have no idea why she had that kind of cash on her.

    My uncle said that wouldn't happen if every 'young un' had a stint in basic training at least and learned a bit of respect.

    I think some form of national service would sort the f*ckers out.

    Sorry about the rant! :evil:

    And I'd like to say what a great site this is.
    (I've been lurking for a few days)
  2. National Service would not sort him out ! A session with you would!
  3. Moaning.
    I couldn't think of a better introduction of myself to Arrse. :D
  4. Sorry to hear about what happened to your Grandma. National Service in theory is a good idea but would you consider reintroducing it to strenghthen the under manned Armed forces which in turn would ease the already heavy burden of troops on continual ops or simply bring youngsters into line and instill them with discipline?

    It's the responsibility of parents to bring their kids up to be upstanding citizens and not the Military which is always suggested when kids are playing up. Anyway, what with human rights, the general softening of military attitude and the continual decline of standards in all elements of society it would be impossible to instill anything into the majority of youngsters. Then what about all the Muslim immigrants who have become British citizens? There is no way they could be press ganged into serving 2 years of National Service.
  5. I have seen at first hand national servicemen from France and Italy and I'm fcuked if I'd want their sorts invecting the British Army, cnuts the lot of them.

    We may have our own cnuts, but what they need is a 9mm to ther back of the head; not being allowed to fcuking up one of our Training Regiments and their DS.
  6. My bold, so when they leave to escape national service, cancel their right to citizenship, to enter this country and to live in this country, they can't have it both ways
  7. My father, like many of you arrsers' fathers, did National Service.

    Why does the nation/civvies think national service is the answer? The reason the British Army is the best in the world (though underfunded and under supported) is because like minded folk want to volunteer.

    My father, like many in his generation was poor. They made their own "fun" (no Binatone, Atari, PS, Xbox etc), maybe ONE home in a street had a phone.

    Their own "fun", to those who had been through WWII, wasn't fun but was a feckn nuisance. They were wild, quite simply.

    "Aye, NS made a man of me son". How many of us have heard that from our fathers? "Best time of my life". etc.

    National Service was the solution thought up by the politicians. So why, for once did a politician's idea work? It only worked because those guys that were still in the army after 1945 wanted to be.

    Those same squaddies were lumbered with feckn millions of laddies that didn't want to be there, because the politicians decided that was how it was going to be.

    So the Forces had to get on with it.

    The REAL reason that NS worked is because laddies like my dad who were hard, nails etc weren't ready for meeting squaddies who'd seen and done things we'd never imagine.

    Never mind PTSD, these squaddies just had to get on with life, they never talked about it outside the army. When folk like my dad rocked up, they encountered a quality and hard earned experience that was beyond their ken.

    And they kicked fcuk out of these young wide-o's. Break them and remake them. But what kind of burden is that to place on the army?

    The army is not there to sort society/government's internal mistakes. The volunteer army is made up of society.

    Gordon Brown, stop yer pish, get it sorted and provide the country and the army with people who can do it some service.

    My father won't be turning in his grave, he'll be clawing his way to the surface to shout "Well said son..... oh by the way!!! It's your round"



    Folk of his generation saw the "light" and they wouldn't see chavs and similar scum in their way. That's what we ALL should be doing - give these cnuts a shoeing at every opportunity!!

    Rant over.... (for now)....
  8. Nice one random.....

    My rant is over :oops:

    Cheers for the linky.

    The only problem wi arrse is, it's so comprehensive and the same ground must undoubtedly be gone over again and again etc etc.

    I'd never seen the thread you pointed out before, but if I'm honest I'd probably still have gone off on one.

    Oh and by the way, I'm stone cold sober, it wasn't a drink fuelled rant. I'm wide awake due to sleeping for days and body clock is all to fcuk because of flu.

    Cheers anyway - I have to admit I blushed then laughed when I saw where your linky took the reader.

    Stiill, no retraction here as I said to Bishop's actress.... :D