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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. Yes , it's what the country needs, it will sort out the youth

  2. No , There has to be another way to sort out the Youth

  1. I know it's the old chestnut, and we've all heard the Forces don't want Conscription returned.

    However, after watching Bad Lads Army, and the rather eloquent speech one of the "Yoofs" gave to the WI about why some form of National Service was better than "Lying in bed in Jail all day taking it easy"

    At the end of the Programme, we saw 5 of the Bad Lads sign up for Regular Army , I presume their convictions were spent.

    So, should some form of Civil or National Military service be returned?
  2. *Withholds vote and opinion but bookmarks page and waits quietly to be enlightened by the old and the wise, maybe.*
  3. PTP,

    Some sort of "civil" or community service perhaps - fighting fires for instance but we cannot cope with National Service today.

    It was bad enough in the fifties with a much larger regular forces than we have now spending most of their time training people that in the main did not want to be there.

    The (much envied) strength of HM armed forces for most of our history is that we are all volunteers.

    That said, the only peacetime PM to bring in conscription was Atlee in 1947. I wouldn't surprise me if Bliar thought it was a good idea, especially if it had misguided popular support.
  4. Bring it back, at least it would give us a chance to legally beast the Chavscum into submission.....
  5. One of the great advantages of National Service was that it forced young men from different backgrounds to live togther and get along. It could also be seen as a form of payback for education etc. I'm all for bringing back NS, with a civilian option (6months longer), for those who don't want to be in the military because they are have some form of conscientious objection, don't want to fight their muslim brothers etc. Put them to work repairing railways and motorways - it'd have to be cheaper than all the contractors currently used. They can live in hutted camps and be paid pocket money.

    I see no reason why NS soldiers couldn't be used for garrison duties or in base logistics without compromising the professional nature of the rest of the army.

    No doubt there'd be no shortage of volunteers to be DIs!
  6. Utter crap idea, Send this country 40 years backwards. It would cost a fortune, It would be resented, Rich kids would find a get out clause, The regular services would disintegrate into an Armada of training centers. Leave it in the 50’s and put it to bed.
  7. The thought that occurred to me while I was watching was that young convicts (like the Bad Lads in fact) could be offerred something like that programme as an alternative to time inside or community service.

    Defintiely more useful than jail time, and might have some advantages over community service for some of them.

    Sheesh - the fact that none of them re-offended (or at any rate didn't get found out) in the six months following the end of the programme has to say something!
  8. not being funny but the yoofs of today need a good hiding, they are gobby little gits who know childline number off by heart cos leftie MPs made it impossible to instill discelpine and scrapped PT off the national curriculum...

    i teach 11-18 year olds and over time i noticed a massive decline in the ability and attitude of these people, they now even write exam papers and leave requests in "text speak" which i hate.

    perhaps national service with say a short engagement is a way of making these scroats into nice people? and make the training concentrate on discepline and simple stuff like how not to flap in a sticky situation and make them use thier imaginations and think about logical problem solving as the current lot i teach now are clueless...i mean it, cant solve simple logic problems, flap at small problems, cry when the chips are down and know nothing of team work...what the hell are they learning in schools these days?

    Failing a return to NS, cant we have a government appointed body of professional arrse smackers... if your kids are naughty you book one of these blokes to come and smack your kids arrse - who are qualified 1st aiders with CRB checks, trained kiddy head doctors, trained in martial arts so can control smacks little billy would think twice about gobbing off to his mam if he knew 4pm on tuesday some 6'2" jap slapper was coming to smack his bum.

  9. n1 m8, u a******.gif or wot?
  10. Yes m8, 2wice nitely
  11. Hi all,

    I was going to suggest that maybe we could have a "civilianised" version of National Service to serve in place of Young offenders Institutes. (Places where young offenders are rehabilitated by Playstation and Adventure Training Holidays)

    But the I realised that you can't punish someone in a camp like this if a judge won't send them there in the first place.

    (This is my first post, so Hi to all)
  12. We are already overstretched and underfunded. Which CO would willingly release his best NCOs as trainers in the circumstances? We'd end up with an army of the unwilling, diluting the professionalism of the rest. Worse, we might end up with Deepcut to the power of infinity.
  13. Absolutely. I still have some ex-nashie friends but the army was a better, more professional, less divisive organisation without them. Also, to a man everyone who had to serve the extra six months at the dog end of national service was prepared to do so "To save some other poor bstard putting up with this sh1t" Of course the years soften the experience and they are probably now saying "National service never did me any harm"

    Why should the military be responsible for disciplining youth? Surely that's their parents, or in their absence or failure, society's responsibility?

    Furthermore it's a sad society that compels its youth to 'die for their country'
    Inspire? fine - Compel? I don't think so.

    Mind you we had some laughs. I remember one bloke, who after ringing home came back to the billet crying and saying "Our Jean's dead" Trained soldier called the orderly officer, who arranged for a weeks leave, rail warrant and lent him two quid because he'd miss pay parade.

    When he came back a week or so later Brummie let us into the secret that Jean was his bloody cat. ho ho ho
  14. n1 m8 [​IMG]
  15. a NS army would not be part of the Army, more a behind the scenes thingy...doing the crap work releasing regs from mundane cack like guard duty and painting kerbstones....perhaps even fire shirker cover etc...leaving GI joe to get on with fun stuff like shooting people?