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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ben0239, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. I once heard that if the numbers of soldiers in the TA falls below a certain level, the government has the option of bringing in National Service. Does anyone know if this is true, and what level has it got to fall to.
    Secondly what do you guys tink about national service, it would certainly help with recruiting etc.
  2. I think National Service was, and would be, an excellent thing to help bring this country's young men up to a standard of decency and morality to a level that it was generally prior to 1960!! It's no coincidence that crime and disorder has soared hugely since this time and I think something needs to be done before there is no way back for our once great society. National Service would be just part of the solution, of course, but it's a great place to start!!
  3. Would you like to share a trench / OP / guard tower with a pressed man?
  4. Kids these days are maturing a lot earlier, and so when they start their GCSEs and are old enough to know they are better off something vocational like an apprentice sparky or mechanic, they start to get naffed off.

    When you know you are clearly not intellectual, why would you want to do 10 subjects of which 8 or more you don't give a toss about. Therefore, (hope you are still with me), frustration leads to urine poor performance at school, leading to bolluckings, leading to attitude problems with society in general.

    To bring my point back to the thread at hand, give them the option of 1 year (perhaps half?) GCSEs in Maths English and a bit of Science at 14 in comprehensive school, then at 15 if they don't want to stay in school the only other option is one year minimum of "young person" national service :D (Keeping the little shits off the streets a bit).

    A year being taught respect for others and themselves, rather than a year of falling into the social gutter can't be a bad thing. They should also be able to attend courses through the army after a certain point, which hey presto, gives them vocational training in a trade they could enjoy.

    Perhaps people would say 15 is too young (which I think is bollucks these days), but theres also is the possiblity of saying if you don't have a job after school, and you are not in further ed, then national service is compulsory, like in a good few countries.

    Any comments or tweaks welcome, as when I get into government this will become law!

  5. Disagree, it is not the Armys role to knock toerags into shape to suit the whims of the government/popular opinion I have found on general that this is the wishes of either people who have never served or were pressganged in the 50's. Professional Soldiers in general don't take up this line
  6. The concept of conscription in the twenty first century, is a non starter. Todays society is very different to that of the fifties. People today have zero respect for authority, we'd have to double the size of our police force just to round up all those who ignored their call-up papers, and of those who could be bothered to report for duty, many would abscond after their first night away from mummy. :roll:
  7. Agreed, they would rather go on a shitty reality TV show than do the real thing, poofs!
  8. No it wouldn't, It belongs in the 60's with rubbish music and bad hair. And long my it stay there. Whatever next? A short sharp shock
  9. Is it still falling?
  10. The ideas as to why a new NS would be completely impossible and a waste of time are stated. I just wanted to pick up on the 'pressed man' comment. National Service men gave valuable service - along with their lives - in places like Korea, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus, Canal Zone and many other 'little wars'. Very many of these were unwillingly conscripted but saw their duty, settled down and soldiered. At half the pay of the regular alongside them.
  11. Finland manages to deal with conscription quite well, from what I've heard it works thus: a few thousand a year are required to do 6/8/12 month basic trg (depending on your level of commitment), or do 'civil service' - working in old folks places, picking up litter and other community tasks, or get your arse to jail. You can do your service between the years of 18 to 25 (I think), and can be deffered to a later stage, say if you want to finish university. After you've completed your basic then you need to report every few years for some additional training. Wages are.. well you're not really paid, but an allowance of about 5E a day or something mad is paid to you. Meals generally consist of crap, nutritious crap but it isn't tasty and most recruits lose a fair few kilo's. Accom is generally 30 man rooms, cheap basic uniform and no choice other than prison (unless you can wangle MD).

    The commitment level essentially affects what rank you can attain during your initial, and later training, which will affect your rate of pay, trade options, and priveledges. The Finnish defence force would otherwise be pretty empty, trying to pull in soldiers from just under 6million people. Although they don't send many soldiers out (and it seems to be pretty much voluntary), those deployed on peacekeeping operations are generally well respected.

    As a result there is a higher public support, or at least respect for the military (in that nearly every man has served in it), and national service is generally seen as a rite of passage into manhood. A regular element is also maintained, on better wages but the uniform is crap.
  12. Dunno. Anyone know if this is in statute?

  13. B*llocks. As Wellyhead has said, why should the (overstretched) Army become responsible for a social problem? Also, where are the exta instuctors going to come from? We're strapped enough trying to maintain the instructor cadre needed to generate a decent fighting force, without the burden of trying to control the kn*bends from every sink estate in the country.

    F*ck them off, they're nothing to do with defending the Realm. Sounds harsh, but the youth of today, and their actions, are nothing to do with the military. Our job is to train the talent who are willing to fight for the Queen, not contain the dross that isn't
  14. It would be a nightmare. I can see it now:-

    "Oi sergeant geezer, waddaya mean no textin' on parade. Is you disrespectin' me bro? Dats a violation of me human rights innit."

    God help us if we ever need to mobilise the whole population as in WWII.
  15. Apart from all of the above coments where on earth is the money going to come from to pay for the whole process. We can barely pay for the public services we have now without further removing huge millions for the setting up of NS. Not bad idea but totally unworkable.